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When Life Throws You a Curveball...in 5 Photos

The pictures above are actually of me in a softball game probably around the age of 16. I chose to create a story with these pictures because for 15 years, softball was the main priority of my life.

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Learning from the best

Relating a past student’s work to what/how I think of digital storytelling:


Above is a link to an in page that I found and it instantly became my favorite.

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Collaboration of Ideas in Regards to Vonnegut's Line of Work

My reaction to Vonnegut’s way of storytelling:

The way Vonnegut looks at and analyzes storytelling is an amazing gift. As I watched this video a few times, the way he explains the stories through lines, curves, and short words makes the story come to life in a different sense other than watching it as a movie, TV show, or a short clip.

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DIGC330 Week Four: Digital Storytelling, Development and Modernity

Welcome to Week 4 of DIGC330 for 2014.

This week Sukhmani has nominated a couple of background readings relevant to the case study on digital storytelling in the lecture time. 152 more words