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Research made easy! Say hello to DIIGO!

Hey guys! I am about to blow your mind with an awesome new online tool, Diigo.

We are approaching the time of many students favorite assignment… The research paper. 816 more words


Easy Online Research Process: Finding Resources, Note Taking and Citing Sources

To help teachers and students access research for assessments (essays and presentations), I have been accumulating online articles relating to specific topics.  Teachers in some classes have then given students the link to the post or provided them with a handout that lists each resource and link (or both).  269 more words

Organized Bookmarks!

I feel like I just did a spring cleaning on my computer!  My bookmarks have never been so organized, and now I can access them on any computer.   256 more words


Learning is the journey, not the destination: Nine things I learned from writing my A-222 mid term

I passed in the paper– in the end there just wasn’t enough time to write it the way I wanted to.  As it was, I walked into class 10 minutes late.   543 more words