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The Dish: Theology for Technologists


Now here’s a religion analogy I’ve never heard before, and it’s (in my opinion) very good. I think it would be worth pointing out here that, if you cannot credulously accept religion, it does not work well as an interface for you. 40 more words

★ Thought for the Day - Got Values? ★

Values are an integral part of “who you are.”  I love this Dilbert comic strip because it is clear that the management have none, and that their whole reasoning behind establishing company values is not really to empower the employees, but to eliminate raise requests. 151 more words


Much as I would have liked to have done this in the past with some really difficult managerial staff, the only time I would do this if I didn’t care about getting a bad reference from my manager, or I wanted out of the job so bad, I didn’t care if I was fired. 11 more words


An Office Without Walls

A few months ago, I moved out of my corner office and into an office without walls.

I had no interest in becoming a Dilbert cubicle dweller, where you toil in the shadow of padded dividers that don’t provide privacy – or natural light. 719 more words

Gary Conkling

Bullspeak - R

This one is inspired by Dilbert and the letter “R” -

Recalibrate random requirements routinely realizing rationalized retroactive resultants