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No Pain, More Gain

“No pain, no gain,” they say. They are wrong. You can gain many things easily and with pleasure, like weight, for example, while having birthday cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 387 more words


Getting Schooled By A Group Of Teenagers

Hey guys, put them away.


You’re phones. Give me your attention for a few minutes.

But, that’s what we were doing.

Come on. I was 17 once too.

352 more words
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Cat Day

Wednesdays are normally my hang out and relax days, but we had to take Opal (our Himalayan) to the vet for a followup appointment. The vet was concerned about her weight loss and her anal glands. 285 more words


Comfortable Life

Life is never meant to be comfortable.

Comfort is what we want. We dream of having a luxurious life wherein after long hours of work, we can enjoy the hot tub in our bathroom, we can sit on a very soft couch wherein we can ponder many things and we can have dinner which we do not prepare but the cook. 265 more words


Book Review: The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams

Bitter and cynical as ever, Scott Adams’ book is peppered with unintentionally funny occurrences that are all too familiar if you work in a large organization. 138 more words

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