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Dilbert - The Complete Series

The Most Popular Comic Strip Of The 90′s Is Now On DVD! With his signature turned-up tie, round glasses and buzz cut, Dilbert is already a pop culture phenomenon, providing an irreverent reference point for workers everywhere. 193 more words

Organizational communication and communication technology

As we have seen with Foucault, total institutions have used different structures of communications in order to establish discipline and respect in their organization.  The sphere of organizational communication was initially developed as a technique to gather and transmit information during the construction of the first American Railways.  341 more words


Just Checking in Today

A minister passing through his church in the middle of the day, decided to pause by the altar and see who had come to pray. 548 more words



Ours is a nation whose shores are teeming with experts. They are vital to our existence. We could barely function on daily basis if not for these titans of knowledge and purveyors of wisdom.  546 more words

Humour, the chief necessity!

“ You, you are the guy Dick Harper (DH), we need YOU to go out there and get your positive spin working for us”.

That is a line from an important scene in the movie “Fun with Dick and Jane”. 652 more words

Lessons In Life

What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Infinite Capacity. There’s an decade old Dilbert comic in which he says “I have infinite capacity to do more work as long as you don’t mind that my quality approaches zero.” Like Dilbert, my capacity to do work is infinite, my time however is not. 310 more words


Intellectual property in the Dilbert cartoons, and other things

For me, three writers on management stand out:

• Peter Drucker (1909-2005), especially for The effective executive (1967). The effective executive contains robust – often uncomfortable –management truths (notwithstanding its inevitably dated case studies); it is short; and it is organised in a straightforward, unflashy manner which is appealing to the legal practitioner. 697 more words

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