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Priorities! The only place I've got nothin' on you and you've got nothin' on me! Today's pick of the day.

It was years ago when I arrived at a conference about time management. I felt like a big wig as a young professional who had just been promoted. 370 more words


October 22.14 ethot

Exodus 4:1 (1-17) “What if they will not believe me… ?

What is in your hand?

In chapter 3 Moses asks God “ 502 more words


My Definition of Success

I believe success is:

When you are morally excellent enough to trust yourself in all situations.

When you are completely diligent and hardworking and responsible. 136 more words

Subject: College Prep

Why Focus on Virtues?

In a conversation with a friend, who is a pastor, he explained that he did not see the value of teaching his youth to develop virtues in their lives.  389 more words

2 Peter 1:3-11


When I look at the people who are in my life, I see a variation of people who are dissatisfied and wanting more. I’m not quite sure what they are thinking they are missing, but it seems there are very few days that go by that they don’t have something to complain about. 544 more words

October 21.14 ethot

Exodus 3:11 (1-22) “But Moses said to God, ‘Who am I’

What’s your plan?

In deed who was he? If we compare Jesus and Moses we see something interesting. 454 more words