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Like all things, every negative situation in your life at this time has an expiration date. Don’t be burdened and disheartened by it.

Dawayne D Butler: Safety on the Water

As an Alaskan Crab fisherman, Dawayne D Butler knows that proper knowledge of on deck safety procedures can often be the difference between life and death on the turbulent Bering Sea. 269 more words

Dawayne D Butler

Those Boring Bible Lists

Do you just skip over the lists in Scripture? Don’t feel bad. I used to do the same thing!

Until one day, when reading about setting up the tabernacle. 483 more words

Christian Life

November 21, 2014

Tonight’s creative writing process brought to you by dominos and Redd’s. Just needed a little pick me up to get this story off the ground =) I love moments like these.

72 Hours With Jesus

“I wish I could just get 72 hours with Jesus,” Shannon confessed to me while we drove home from a study night at Starbucks. “I really wish… I could go into the woods, go camping or stay in a cabin by myself and just be with Jesus.” 305 more words

Me Myself And God

November 21.14 ethot

Exodus 21:14 (12-36) “If, however, a man acts presumptuously towards his neighbor,

What is your intent?

The people of Israel had grown up in a culture of brutality, where your emotion in the moment dictated your words and actions. 630 more words