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Yong Yong | Malden, MA Boston

yong yong is a newly opened restaurant in malden. they serve dim sum and all you can eat hot pot and sushi.

we came on a saturday morning for dim sum, yong yong wasnt nearly as packed as… 122 more words


Part Two: Hong Kong and Dim Sum At The Airport.

Last year I asked the WordPress World on recommendations on great eats in Mongkok, Hong Kong. I received a lot of helpful responses, mostly involving dim sum. 164 more words


Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant

Lee Garden Seafood is a somewhat new resto in Burnaby that replaced the infamous Grand Buffet. For many years, Grand Buffet was a solid, go-to spot for a cheap fill…the Uncle Willy’s of Asian fare. 862 more words


Legendary Hong Kong - Singapore

What do you get when you get when a couple of wealthy Hong Kong expats miss their hometown cooking? They bring Hong Kong to them. Legendary  Hong Kong in Jurong Point 2’s special “Mongkok Street” has chefs brought in permanently all the way from Hong Kong. 357 more words


my obesed "longevity" peach mantou (steamed bun) 胖嘟嘟的寿桃馒头 ( ்ͦˏ౦͜ˎ ்ͦ)

did you ever realise that life after 30 flies really fast? in the bat of an eyelid, i’m.. OMG….
but well, as i grow old(er), i got the number of my age delisted… 500 more words


Reflection of Day 236: August 24, 2014

Today, I went to one last dim sum with the extended family. It wasn’t that great because 1) I had a stomache ache and 2) the food in general wasn’t that great… Koi Palace is still my favorite. 91 more words

MasterChef: Top 7 Dim Sum Tag-Team Challenge

MasterChef started off with some very perceptive comments made by Courtney: “When we walk into the kitchen it feels bigger because there are so few of us.” So, already, you know it’s going to be a good episode. 477 more words