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Triviana Fore

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation
I’m retired!!  It’s ALLLL vacation.

I received my WordPress email outlining my year.  I ignored it.  Last year I displayed my stats.  801 more words

That's Life

My Top 5 Magical Moments of 2014: Looking Back

I had many psychic and synchronized moments with clients in 2014:  some that even wowed me but I cannot share those so I will share my own in my life! 477 more words

Dime of the Day - Tori Black

There’s a reason why people jack off to her.

Dime Of The Day

Dime of the Day- Alex Morgan Obviously

Easy decision here picking her as my dime of the day. Could look at pictures of this chick all day no doubt about it.

Dime Of The Day

Not A Dumpling

It’s actually a sweet potato appetizer with za’atar, coconut cream, pumpkin seeds and buckwheat found lingering somewhere around Chinatown, my new home. It was preeeetty good. 418 more words