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Side Chick Story Chapter 16

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Oldest Trick In The Book

Upon seeing Kitso’s Facebook profile, the blood drains from my head. I cannot believe this. I mean sure I know this was not a ‘happily ever after’ in the making, but married? 2,043 more words


Dimples - a Deformity.

Dimples are genetic deformities, that’s right – deformities.

First off to make it as simple as possible, my cheeks carry a set of these facial deformities –  or what you could say are shortened muscles creating the little holes I have on my face aka my dimples (if you were to see my face anyways). 701 more words


Side Chick Story Chapter 15

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New Beginnings, Or Not

It has been almost two weeks since I met Kitso at the launch. Kabelo is a fading memory best left the underside of history. 1,551 more words


Smile (2009)

Look at that.
You have dimples.
Lips turned upward,
They appear.
Sounding like laughter.

**Author’s note: I wrote this when I was in 7th grade, and I don’t know why I kept it this long, or why I wrote it at all, to be honest. 50 more words


Dimples, the cutest genetic disorder that you'd love to have

When I was pregnant I fell in love with the smile of my Korean Celebrity crush “Lee Seung Gi” I really love his smile because of his dimples.  109 more words


Side Chick Story Chapter 14

Old Habits Die Hard

I am getting tired of Kabelo’s girlfriend catching me in compromising positions. What fuckery is the universe up to? I had no time to think of this though as Main was approaching us with rage in her eyes. 1,170 more words



turn around

upon the ground

it it is waiting for you

a sweet smile

sly and shy

breaking through

twinkling eyes

dimples fleshing out

sitting and waiting

all for you

Poetic Words