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Nỗi lòng fan gái : Khi thần tượng tự nhiên như ruồi

Chỉ có mỗi 2 cái gif thôi ạ , phía sau sẽ là quà bonus các thể loại khác :D

Bonus :

Sweet day :D


Interview: Styler aka Stylez on his Music, GFam, and more...

“Underrated” is a word that’s used far too much, but it’s the most apt word to describe not only Styler, but his entire crew, GFam. In Fact, when you think of the talent that’s in, or has been in the crew – Styler aka Stylez, Dimples, Rinse, and Random Impulse (now going under the name Jovel) – the lack of love shown by the fans is ridiculous. 1,092 more words


Fangirling Hardcore

Since my last post, I have had the opportunity to meet one of my childhood celebrity crushes, Ryan Cabrera. (I shamefully admit that I used to kiss his poster goodnight when I would go to sleep, EMBARRASSING!)  So let me tell you how this little run in happened. 733 more words

Sometimes it’s easier to go back and talk to the dead than to the living…

It is for another Father’s Day papa, I wish I had the time and opportunity to sit down and talk to you about the futility of such much hyped “Days”.. 497 more words


Dimples in Heaven. / Grübchen im Himmel.

Gepflegte Hände.

Erster Eindruck.

Grübchen. Oh Himmel! Da sind Grübchen.

Er bemerkt jeden Blick.

Ich bin verloren.

Ein Gentleman alten Schule.

Gewissenhaft wird die Lady heimeskortiert. 86 more words




She was excited. She couldn’t wait. She was putting on the best make up she could manage, even practicing her cutest smile. She’s talking to him again. 610 more words