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RHONJ Preview: The NeverEnding HouseHusband Cheating Story Line...

Twins begin to question TreeJoodice during a chat with SaintlyZenDina.  How long will this eye-rolling story line of the cheating HouseHusband be drawn out?

RHONJ Preview: Rino Cheating Drags On… 110 more words


Did Dina Try To Make A Pact Against Jacqueline With The Marcheses?

As we all know, Jacqueline Laurita IS coming back to the Real Housewives of New Jersey (and we couldn’t be more excited). A rumor started on Radar Online the other day that Dina Manzo had tried to make a pact with the twins that she would let them know of any drama that they might be facing in exchange for them not filming with, talking about, or making Jacqueline Laurita relevant. 26 more words


Dina Manzo Is NOT Looking Forward To Upcoming #RHONJ Episodes!

Dina Manzo dishes on the latest episode and explains why she is not looking forward to the upcoming episodes. 731 more words

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RHONJ Reunion- Who Will Have The Most Explaining To Do?

In a video posted on Bravo, the Real Housewives of New Jersey make some reunion predictions. What were they?  53 more words


The Problem With RHONJ Season Six

Let’s face it, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is having a rough year. Ratings are waning and the women are boring, with the majority of the audience – myself included – really not being impressed by any of the new ladies. 620 more words

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