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Surf landings, giant shrimp, and turkey on Thanksgiving

November 23, 2014

Packed up the dinghy to have a beach afternoon yesterday but had to abort because of big breaking waves. Our last two surf landings (think California surfing waves) were very wet and the kids weren’t so keen on trying with even bigger waves. 618 more words


Laundry day, dinghy on wheels, fish from sea to sushi

November 15, 2014

Arrived in Turtle Bay yesterday afternoon after a 31 hour sail, I didn’t feed the fish, not even once!! What do we do for 31 hours on the high seas? 414 more words


A River Scene 2

While motorized dinghies can be seen plying the stretch of the Fly River, dugout canoes are still the most common means of transportation among families in villages along the river and its tributaries.  100 more words


Passage to Grenada

Dec 5, Friday

Yesterday after listening to Chris Parker’s weather on the Internet, it was a GO for us to leave to sail to Grenada. Then we listened to the Cruiser’s Net and heard that a woman on Homeward Bound was looking for a ride to Grenada. 1,363 more words


Our BVI Tour (Part 4) - Sandy Spit

Sandy Spit is a teeny weeny deserted island in Jost Van Dyke, BVI. 108 more words


Winterizing Part III

I didn’t realize how many little pieces to the winterizing process there are until I started blogging about it:

Annual Sailboat Maintenance

Centreboard case, keel and keelson

Screwed the keel to the hull, then through-bolted the keelson/centreboard assembly to the keel (see picture). This is just a temporary fitting to make sure everything is OK; we’ll have to take it all apart again later to finish the inside of the hull – either a paint job, or gel coat? 83 more words