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Obviously I have too much time on my hands

I am staying in Stubbekøbing, a tiny town south eastern Denmark. Pronounced “Stoo-beh-koo-bing”, funny, no? I’m staying with a friend of the mother of the mother of a friend. 140 more words


CNC Dinghy Plans New Builders Photos

New Builder Photos CNC Dinghy Plans Beautiful build out by James Oakely of the CNC Boat Shop 2.7M Aluminum CNC Dinghy Plans

Intuition sailing…

Sunday morning, the lake was calm, the sun was shining and there was just enough wind to get Intuition sailing. All was peaceful until Hector said, “Here is an idea, you get in the dinghy and take pictures and video while I sail around you” and crazy me, I agreed. 10 more words


Man Tries To Sail Across the Atlantic in Dinghy and Yeah he Didn't Make it Very Far

A man has been rescued five miles off the Dorset coast while attempting to sail to America in a £300 dinghy. The 30-year-old Bulgarian national bought the 14ft vessel from Christchurch harbour on Saturday and then set off on his 3,500-mile voyage across the Atlantic.  534 more words

Off The Island

Sailing at Lavington

Sailing is a bit of unpromising activity in Market Lavington where our big stretches of water are the Broadwell and the privately owned lake at Clyffe Hall. 148 more words


No wind, no problem, not really but…

It was the perfect excuse to launch the dinghy and go exploring the Credit River. After passing the railroad bridge, the river opens up to a different world. 64 more words