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#80) The restaurant time forgot (and what musicians can learn from it)

Note: this is a simulblog, posted on both D-Theory and Positive Music Place.

The story sounds familiar: a restaurant consistently received bad reviews, so they looked over surveillance videos to see what was going on.  742 more words

Chieh Lien // Dine With Me

How can immersive dining experience help improve mental health through engaging psychotherapy and multi-sensory design?

Mental Health

Colicchio & Sons, New York, N.Y.


It is a rare thing when I ride my sister’s coat tails. The first time it happened was earlier this year, when I went to a work-related fundraiser in Washington, D.C. 1,076 more words

Dining Out

Does Size Matter?

I had this long, arduous, review of Sugarcane already written out and almost ready to publish. I was looking for some supplementary pages to link to, and realized that this had been… 1,047 more words