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Reptilian raving

“FLAT out like a lizard drinking.” Never a more appropriate phrase came to mind as we sat in the glorious sunshine at the Surfing Lizard, in Munster. 432 more words

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Warm welcome at Duende

THE atmosphere of Duende is exactly what we were looking for on a very cold night in Leederville.

While rain drizzled outside, we were nice and toasty inside, surrounded by the warm glow of candles. 377 more words

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Modern modesty

SUSPENDERS made of marzipan, an edible doorknob, a goat’s testicle frozen in liquid nitrogen.

And let’s not even talk about his lemon myrtle snags in Coles. 425 more words

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In the ’ghetti


THE blackboard sign on William Street simply said “spaghetti”, but “where?” was the question.

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar is tucked away down one of the increasingly hip lanes being opened up around Northbridge. 452 more words

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Psyched for pizza

A CAREER in psychiatry had been on Ryan Bookless’ life plan, but walking past an empty shop in Swanbourne changed all that.

He opened his first Pizza Lounge in Swanbourne in 2001 and his second upmarket pizzeria on South Terrace, in South Fremantle several weeks ago, where things have really taken off. 384 more words

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A place with no class

THERE’S no class division at “Harry’s” place where you’ll find suited business types, trendy young workers and middle-aged matrons rubbing shoulders with the down-at-heel, students and backpackers. 351 more words

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This is fair dinkum Freo

The Carriage Cafe, FREMANTLE


IS it just me or is every other café in Fremantle starting to resemble a second-hand store?

Alfresco areas are littered with rickety, second-hand chairs as eateries try hard to be “unique” and “individual” by doing exactly the same as everyone else. 329 more words

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