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Dining halls 101

Dining halls: quite possibly the biggest blessing and curse you will encounter throughout your college career.

Think about it: when you first got to college, you probably gorged on the endless pizza, burgers and ice cream served at the dining halls.

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Becoming a Bobcat: Not Sure What You Want To Major In? You're not alone!

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Many students go into college undecided on what they want to major in. It’s completely normal and acceptable. I have a unique plan for my future and there isn’t really a distinguished major that would suit my plans. 324 more words


Rutgers King Neptune Night 2014

The hype surrounding King Neptune Night at Rutgers is really something. All of the dining halls begin decorating for the big event a few nights in advance. 304 more words


How to Eat at College

Option 1: Steal Food

This is by far the best option.

Maybe it’s the expensive tuition and board, maybe it’s my college scholar attitude, but this school is making me an entitled little prick. 384 more words


Becoming a Bobcat: The transition from high school to college

College is a completely different atmosphere than high school was. That is, unless you did post secondary in which case I’m sure you’ll find some similarities between the two. 529 more words