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Cho Cho San, Potts Point

Wow, what a hidden gem.

My friend had came down to Sydney to visit me for lunch and after an hour of debating what to eat, I received a text from a local in Sydney who said, “You must go to my fave Japanese restaurant”. 344 more words


Indian Food Naan the Less: Homemade Butter Chicken and Cast-Iron Naan

The middle of winter is here and so is our appetite for hot, spicy meals. Our go-to neighborhood Indian restaurant closed its doors recently, so we decided to take measures into our own hands. 111 more words


Chicken meatballs

I’m a huge fan of meatballs, easy to make and delicious. I have done so many different meatballs, with chicken, turkey, beef, pork, they all taste awesome. 214 more words


These are crazy times we live in

Crazy indeed. At least in my household. You know the story. Wife, puppies, training, work, holidays, housework, nutrition, plus I watched a second house and 3 more dogs while the in-laws were in Hawaii (so jealous!!!) and I started school a few weeks and this damn online Spanish course is going to be the death of me. 372 more words


Homemade Hamburger Patties

I wanted to make my own hamburger patties for a couple of reasons. One: This ensured I knew what would be in the hamburger instead of having to read the pre-packaged labels on the ready to cook frozen patties. 611 more words


#4 Tinginys or The Lazy One

“Tinginys” is a traditional lithuanian dessert which was probably the first thing i learned to do in my life. It is so easy and so delicious, that there are no excuses not to make it! 145 more words