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Massaging Kale - Helping This Veggie Relax

Confession time – have you ever heard of massaging kale? Let’s be honest – the idea of eating kale sounds great, we all know how healthy it is for us, right?!


Flank Steak and Caprese Salad: Meal Planning Win

Good Morning!

I’ve seem to develop some sort of summertime cold.  Don’t you just hate those?  Is it allergies?  An actual cold?  A sinus infection?  Who knows?!   413 more words

Fresh Produce

Recently Eating

I’m a bit nosy when it comes to food- I love hearing about what other people are making and eating. I thought I’d share some things I’ve had recently as well as my thoughts on them… 399 more words

Everyday Life

Recipe: What I Am Eating Right Now

So, last year I said I wouldn’t plant so many tomatoes.  And I didn’t.  But I still planted a ton.  Everyday new ones have ripened and are just begging to be picked.  292 more words


Thai Beef Salad Over Greens

A flavor explosion for the Fiesta Friday #25.

It is important to me that my blog posts are honest and genuinely reflect how I eat which is why you won’t see gourmet, extravagant, high calorie meals here. 299 more words


A whole new way to eat hot dogs!

Tonight was another one of those nights where the What’s for Dinner question came too late. Taking a quick look through the fridge I saw we had hot dogs, but just before I was about to ask my boyfriend to go out to buy buns I spotted the crescent rolls and remembered a recipe I saw not too long ago: 177 more words


Homemade Beef, Chicken & Prawn Wontons

These homemade wontons are a first for me. I sort of winged it when it came to making these and completely forgot to take note of what I used. 319 more words