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Turkey Quinoa Enchillada Bake

I made this on Monday for dinner and even the hubby liked it! I did a variant on the recipe from BettyCrocker and made it my own – you can try many different variations but here’s mine and it tasted great! 131 more words


Fillet Steak with Mushroom Parmesan Cream

I love eating fillet steak but don’t always choose to cook it when we have people for dinner – I panic slightly at all the cooking and frying at the last minute, everyone sitting waiting for their perfect steak. 333 more words


Tandoori aubergine dip..

Whilst marinating some chicken for my boys in tandoori masala spices, I decided to throw some of the same marinade mix over some chunks of aubergine and see what occurred. 148 more words


Mu'ooz Eritrean Restaurant and Catering

Mu’ooz Eritrean Restaurant and Catering is a social enterprise based in West End that offers work experience, training and employment opportunities to African refugees.

They have empowered over 60 refugee women with the opportunity for experience and employment and were the winners of the 2013 Mulitcultural Ministeral Enterprise Award and the Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence 2013 “Specialty Restaurant of the Year”. 27 more words


Dinner for the Boyfriend


This guy is the best!!  My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half now, and we kind of take turns making dinner for each other when we’re off work. 972 more words

Zucchini Zucchini Zucchini

Yikes!  I have been overrun with zucchini.  I planted four zucchini seeds and like Jack in the Bean Stalk they grew and grew into the heavens.   396 more words


You Can Lead Me To The Kitchen, But You Can't Make Me Eat.

The past few days have been flat out horrible, and they keep getting worse. After work today I decided to go to my family’s house. I was so flustered and upset about my past couple days I sat down and started my homework as my little sibs ran circles around me. 372 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery