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Love in the Time of Salsa

Be calm. God awaits you at the door. Rest in peace, author of those words, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The zest in your flattest literary character is a thousand times more potent than my hottest chile dish. 402 more words


Steaming Tender- Palmer


A sound that no matter what age you are, never gets old. Now whether or not you enjoy the rumbles of the passing trains with a chocolate milk or a beverage with a touch of moonshine, Steaming Tender appeals to folks of all ages.  414 more words

Robyn Lee

I know chemistry, and you've got one significant figure.

Oh yeah. Best pickup line I’ve heard in a bit.

I think I’m on like a blogging rampage. This always happens, and then I have days where I just don’t blog at all and all you see is a farting hippo :P ;) 519 more words


Sausages and Peas

Juicy succulent sausages with crisp casing and sweet, deeply flavoured peas lifted with aniseed hints of tarragon. Somehow this dish is both light and homely. 210 more words


April Dazzle Dinner

I had the pleasure and honor to cook for the April Dazzle Dinner at Nowhere Mekanika for the Food & Beverage Group Istanbul.

F&BGI is a group dedicated to good food and beverage encompassing the world’s culinary fares that are found in Istanbul. 63 more words


pişt pişttt :)

Offfffffffffff… yinemi çağırıyo beniii.
Nası hayır denirki şu duruma bi baksanıza. Ofisden bi çıktım tepemde pırıl pırıl bi güneş. Yetmezmiş gibi yazı hatırlatan ılımanlıkta şerbetimsi bi hava. 168 more words