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All About The Food: Rib Roast

So sometimes Stephanie finds a good deal on good cuts of meat, and recently we were treated to a nice dinner with a rib roast and salmon. 188 more words


New Pinterest Recipe of the Week: Secret Ingredient Meatloaf

I am a big fan of meatloaf. For me, it’s one of those ultimate comfort foods. It’s a big, meaty, “I love you,” for your stomach. 341 more words


Easy and delicious Tandoori Chicken recipe

Indian food is delicious and full of flavor and spirit. However, it can be heavy, complicated and time consuming to make.

This recipe is great for two reasons; It is easy and fast to make; and with summer right around the corner it allows for an opportunity to grill out-doors. 246 more words


Taking a Crack at Cracked Wheat

Because I somehow wound up with four aprons in my possesion after bridal showers and wedding gifts, I decided to don one of the four and embrace learning to cook. 352 more words


George CLOONEY Fights Over OBAMA

George Clooney got in a heated fight with hotel magnate/casino mogul, Steve Wynn. They were having dinner at Botero in Vegas. According to Wynn, “Clooney got drunk” and took offense to a joke that Wynn made about Mikhail Gorbachev. 245 more words

Paleo dinner #1 - Balsamic Salmon

So I mentioned that we’ve been trying out a paleo diet lately. It’s nice that, for once, it’s not me suggesting the weird eating plan. So Paleo, or Paleolithic to give it a full title is based on the idea of eating the way cavemen did…ie meat, vegetables, nuts, berries…and that’s it. 275 more words


Chickpea Veggie Burgers

I love a quick healthy meal- veggie burgers are pretty easy and they taste better than what you buy at your local take-out. Even better: you can choose any ingredients you want to add or substitute. 90 more words

Chick Peas