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Thursday 29.01.15

Woke to another wet and windy morning and still no snow, had to go to work via Wallasey to pick up some car parts only got half a mile from home and drove into a blizzard, it was a complete white out in Wallasey, by the time I was leaving it had stopped and once on the motorway there was no sign of the snow, had a busy day on my own again in work and didn’t stop all day, Lynne’s mum is doing well and has been out of bed and in a chair this afternoon, looks like she might have to wear a back brace for a while, Cameron thankfully hasn’t had any more nosebleeds so hopefully that will be the end of that, cooked dinner, washed up and spent the evening reading and got a early night

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Daily Eats: The Return of the Soup

Hi’ya! We’re hours away from Friday guys – how exciting is that?! Today has been a busy one over here again! We have a snow storm again!! 235 more words


Veggie Filled Meatloaf

This makes 2 bread loaf pans…. between the two pans, 8 servings total, slightly more if you cut smaller.

1 lb ground pork
1 lb ground beef… 108 more words


takorea - atlanta, ga

i perused my list of nrw hopefuls and couldn’t really decide what sounded best this week.  then, in a striking moment of clarity, i remembered good ‘ole… 2,710 more words


Korean BBQ Sandwich!

Dear God. Is it possible to renounce your ethnicity in favor of another? I mean, don’t get me wrong. Being Greek is great. We did, in fact, invent the very idea of civilization, and trivial things like Democracy, Astronomy, Philosophy. 399 more words


“There is nothing like a plate or a bowl of hot soup, it’s wisp of aromatic steam making the nostrils quiver with anticipation, to dispel the depressing effects of a grueling day at the office or the shop, rain or snow in the streets, or bad news in the papers.” 367 more words


Pan Roasted Chicken with herb yoghurt

Most of the time in the week I won’t get in until quite late and I don’t have the time to get creative with what I’m cooking. 142 more words

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