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Pan fried sea bass with tomato risotto

Sea bass is my new favourite thing in the world, so expect more sea bass recipes! I lost the note where I wrote down this recipe but I’m pretty sure it’s correct, but as always, taste it as you go. 307 more words


"PB&J" Twice-baked Sweet Potato

It’s a PB&J/sweet potato mash-up! Three of my favorite flavors combined into one deliciously filling,  healthy vegetarian dinner that is packed with protein, healthy fats and vitamins.* 415 more words


Curry Roasted Veggies

My husband and I are participating in our first farm share which means a slew of new vegetables each week – Yay! With so many veggies, I need to a) use them and b) use them creatively. 246 more words


Old Bay Shrimp Casear Salad

If you’ve never made real Caesar dressing, I recommend you try it. It is SO different from the bottled version, and is ridiculously simple to do. 330 more words


Chicken Pot Pies

I thought I better get onto posting some of my Winter recipes before the season is over!  These pot pies are the perfect comfort food for cold nights :) 398 more words


James' Chorizo and Bean Stew.

One of the easiest, tastiest and filling dinners. Its always a go to in our home when we can’t think what we’d like to eat. But I’ve never made it before! 166 more words


Making journals

After all this fun, I hope they recorded it well enough to remember it all. If not, they can always come to this blog for a reminder!