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Getting back to it

Back in October when I fell massively ill due to HLH,this immune system disorder, my heart failed along with many vital organs,resulting in an extremely long stay at UW Medical.Too many people were giving me projections of how long they believed I would need to recover before returning to the life I had just prior.I was living in Seattle and working at a couple restaurants.Some told me it would be at least 6 months before I returned to life,others were extremely unsure if could even recover enough to continue cooking professionally.To me that wasn’t an option,that’s sad don’t you think? 427 more words


Chai Spice Creme Brulee at Fuel Restaurant

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago my husband took me out to dinner at Fuel in Lewiston, Maine. It was our first time there, but we had been hearing great things about this spot for a while now. 196 more words


Dinning Dream

Tonight we will dine with the stars in my dreams
Or so it seems
That is where this road leads

As we speak in echoes and sound… 58 more words

{Guest Blog} No, it isn't wrong to use food as a reward ...especially when Cool Food Dude is cooking!

I seem to be surrounded with people who are obsessed with food. Everywhere I go that’s pretty much all folks want to talk about. My friends and family have long hinted around about getting in on the blogging action. 293 more words


You know you’ve been #FredsZoned if:

1. he gets your number and stops communicating with you after an awkward conversation online.

2. he adds you on avenues where he can get updates and never bothered to catch up. 239 more words


The Woodlands serves abundance of pizza with another pizzeria coming soon

Woodlands residents will have yet another choice when it comes to eating pizza when Crisp, the Heights pizza and wine restaurant, opens its second location in the spring, at 2520 Research Forest Drive, the previous site of the Black Walnut Cafe. 52 more words