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Cakes And A Satay

Dear Mum,

No, I really haven’t lost any weight! I just didn’t have any belts so I had to get one for a few pairs of my trousers. 436 more words


Dinosaur Train-ing

Khobi: I wish I could see a real T-Rex.
Me: But he might eat you!
Khobi: No he won’t, I’m people, not carrion.

Thanks for the education, Dinosaur Train.


Because… this semester will never be over.

Children's Television

My son is not yet two; there is a lot that he doesn’t always understand or do. There is a lot that he does understand and does anyway, but that isn’t the point. 491 more words

Family Life

That's A Lot!

Dear Mum,

After dropping the little ‘un off this morning I came home and did some washing, followed buy some ironing. Then I got out the laptop and started looking for jobs again. 439 more words


Theme Songs

These days, no shows, or very few shows, have great memorable theme songs.  I cannot think of any that I watch currently with theme songs that I can sing.   910 more words