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A Prehistoric Adventure

A small segment from something I’m working on. It has to do with dinosaurs, creatures that have fascinated me for ages.

Chapter 1: Genetic Crisis– Part 1… 297 more words


The best reason to not buy a super-flash, male wedding ring

Let me start by saying that I know very little about lady wedding rings. I know that some look very similar to man ones while others are much more sparkly than you would expect to find on a man’s hand. 532 more words

Prehistoric Pencils 15

Today’s Prehistoric Beast is the Pachycephalosaurus, a bipedal, and potentially omnivorous, Dinosaur that existed during the final stage of the Cretaceous period. This animal is distinctive for its thick boney skull that was originally speculated to be used for ramming displays.


Simulation - Yeah Write Summer Series


The bridge smelled like someone needed a shower, noted Lieutenant Commander Leander. He shifted in the command chair and scraped his elbow on the hole worn into the plastic of the armrest. 732 more words

Short Fiction


I’m Rexy and I know it.

Just something simple today. I don’t feel like spending hours in Photoshop.

Jenny The Time Traveling Pirate

Solbit Asks, “Is This a Real Airplane?”

*New reader? Get oriented below.

Dear Nicalai,

“Don’t forget to take your motion sickness pills!” Nona reminded Papa.  We were checking out of Casa del Mar – one of my favorite places on this trip. 781 more words

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