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Trailer: Jurassic World

15 whopping years after Jurassic Park III Legendary Pictures brings us Jurassic World…

Con: Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton are pretty much MIA.


Pro: Chris Pratt.  17 more words


Today's blog

Hiya guys and girls today I was meant to go to the gym but decided not to as my back has been sore today. I also been having a down day. 193 more words

Daily Blog

"Jurassic World" The Next "Skyfall"

Jurassic World is no longer a growl but a roar as fans have their first look at the highly anticipated fourth installment to the iconic franchise. 149 more words

A block of baby Protoceratops

My new paper is out today and it describes a wonderful new specimen of four baby Protoceratops together in a single block. Unlike many other groups of exceptionally preserved specimens from the Mongolian Gobi, the animals are effectively stacked on top of one another and all facing in different directions and importantly, their inferred age is different to other Proto specimens. 563 more words


Trailer Time: "Jurassic World"

After years of being in Development Hell, a third “Jurassic Park” sequel is finally being released!  This is the first of two trailers that many people have been waiting for this week, the other being “Star Wars Episode VII-The Force Awakens.”  The film seems to take place in continuity with the other films twenty-two years later with the island of Isla Nublar again harboring a dinosaur amusement park now called Jurassic World. 137 more words


Setter's 'Spectives: Not Feeling It With 'Jurassic World'

Enough already with the Jurassic Park reworkings.

I liked the original 1993 movie very much. It was thrilling, scary, often funny – despite a few misguided lines here and there. 91 more words



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