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Jurassic Heart... it's a dating sim with a dinosaur.

Sorry for falling off the map there for a bit. Lots of travel and a nasty sinus infection got me down. But I’m back with something that I hope will make up for it. 739 more words


Starfox Adventures Review (GameCube)

This is the Starfox game that pissed off a lot of fans & pretty much ripped off Zelda, the game that took Fox McCloud out of the plane & saw him hanging around with dinosaurs. 785 more words

The Disc

Canada Part I: Featured Photos

As you probably already know, I just returned from 2 solid weeks in Western Canada. 24 years ago I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and just after I turned 7 my family moved to the US.   595 more words

Mammoth Dig Begins In Ellis County

ELLIS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) - A mammoth gift to the Perot Museum.  Literally.

An Ellis County gravel pit owner is donating a rare find… a nearly complete skeleton of a mammoth discovered while digging sand and gravel.  430 more words


Kiki Loves My Eden Snaps....

…Or does she?

I really ought to tell her I have snapchat.


Why did I write “Famous Dinosaurs of Africa”?

There are so many books about dinosaurs, so why did I write another book about dinosaurs? The truth is that there are very few books that focus exclusively on African dinosaurs. 440 more words

Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan