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Day 4: A guilty pleasure

Dinosaurs documentaries. i dont even know how that happened. i’ve always loved them and it’s my go to entertainment when i have a hungover.
Just imagine my excitement for the next Jurassic park movie! 30 more words


Seventy Degrees

Friday, a day to be put together yet comfortable because it’s the last stretch before the weekend! I actually love the look of collars and sweaters, but before a couple months ago, I didn’t have a collar on a shirt fit for the look I wanted to go for. 44 more words


Flight from Cairns

Flying’s one of those things that amazes me on a technological level, yet my first few attempts at it were nothing short of terrifying.

Thankfully I’ve grown more accustomed to hurtling through the air at 38,000 feet, to the point where I can now comfortably read or sketch without a constant stream of dread pulsing through my thoughts of impending doom. 36 more words

A bit of Dreadnoughtus for Stanford University Magazine

In a shock development I’m posting on my blog!

Thought I’d drop a quick dinosaur picture here commissioned by Stanford University Magazine. They approached me asking for a blue whale, a minke whale, a dreadnoughtus and a person for size comparison. 75 more words

Natural History

From an Odd Remark to an Earthy Reading of Scripture

Warning:  this post is not terribly serious, and it gets a bit bawdy at the end.  So if this is not to your taste, there is no need to read further. 1,563 more words

David Cruz-Uribe

Jack the Giant Killer

Title: Jack the Giant Killer

Director: Mark Atkins

Writer: Mark Atkins

Starring: Ginger Elijah Wood, that crazy lady Bruce Willis used to fuck

Year released: 2013… 387 more words

An Asylum Production

Good Vibrations

Something big is coming…

When it was announced that the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise was written and would be made into a major motion picture, I was excited. 603 more words