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Dinos in my backyard

-or, how dinosaurs got their wings
(I just could not not write something in response to the recent spat of articles that have come out recently tracing the supposed evolution of birds from dinosaurs. 379 more words

Personally Pressed


A Pennsylvania man says that he’s sick and tired of being detained by the police. For example, on just one morning alone he was on his way to work when police mistook him seven times for a notorious wanted criminal. 331 more words

Living Fossil

The dinosaur’s nose -
Offended, like me today ~
Stinky ginkgo fruit.


Weird dinosaur discovery in Mongolia

This video says about itself:

22 October 2014

This computer animation shows Deinocheirus mirificus walking. Deinocheirus had unusually large forearms and several features that seem cobbled together from a variety of…

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50 Year Old Dinosaur Mystery Resolved

What does a dinosaur with eight foot arms look like?  A new study answers that question.

For fifty years we couldn’t decide if the Deinocheirus mirificus hung from trees, dug big holes, or carried large boxes.   116 more words

Stegosaurus killed allosaurus, 147 million years ago

This video says about itself:

The Smell of Prey – Walking With Dinosaurs – BBC

An insight into the hunting habits of one of the most successful breeds of Dinosaur, the…

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