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Fun day with dinos

This is the day we test to see what is bite size…

What is stomping size…

What do having tiny hands look like …

How size is not correlated to your diet for 20 meters is how large a vegetarian can be… 48 more words


Prehistoric Pencils 15

Today’s Prehistoric Beast is the Pachycephalosaurus, a bipedal, and potentially omnivorous, Dinosaur that existed during the final stage of the Cretaceous period. This animal is distinctive for its thick boney skull that was originally speculated to be used for ramming displays.


Haiku in Two 2.0

Here are a couple of 5/7/5 form haiku involving reptiles of a sort…


The sky ripped, it tore

And trembled, when dinosaurs

Saw the comet flash… 14 more words


Tyrannosaurs hunted in packs?

This video is called Tyrannosaur Rivalry – Planet Dinosaur – Episode 3 – BBC One.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Researchers find first sign that…

637 more words

Tyrannosaur a team player? B.C. fossils say yes

VANCOUVER – They were the king of the carnivores that ruled the Earth 70 million years ago but maybe tyrannosaurs were friendlier than their reputations have allowed. 595 more words