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Bronson Soup

Our favorite sauropod swims in the primordial soup.

New Dinosaur Exhibit at Science Center of Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa — Dinosaurs are invading the Science Center of Iowa.

You’ve probably never heard of a giganotosaurus before, but you can learn all about the dinosaur as well as others at the exhibit “Ultimate Dinosaurs,” which opens October 10th. 113 more words


Manitoba's ancient mosasaur the biggest on display in the world

MORDEN, Man. – The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Manitoba can now brag that it has the largest mosasaur on display anywhere in the world. 147 more words


Summer 2014 Part 1: England

Wow, I am REALLY REALLY behind… I have just been super busy with my upgrade (I’m still in my probationary period), having been on leave a few times and planning a wedding with 8 months to go! 580 more words


Tanzania in the science headlines?!?

I can’t remember the last time Tanzania made the science news. Maybe during the Leakeys’ days working at Olduvai Gorge, unearthing the history of early hominids? 98 more words



Meet the Velociraptor: Fun Facts and Cool Pictures

Written by Julian Hawking

The author sets out to set straight the facts about velociraptors made famous in the Jurassic Park movie, which are in many ways misleading. 309 more words

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#PappyBakes - Dino cake with the kids

I’ve been meaning to put this post up for a week or so, but only now getting round to it.

Me and the little ones did some baking in the first week of the school term as they both wanted to treat their new teachers to something nice. 324 more words