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Ice Age Dino Dig

Over the past week, we’ve been hit by an unusually long stretch of days where the temps have been at or over 100 degrees.  Today was the HOTTEST day of the week, or so the forecasters claim.   714 more words


Lapbook Friday - Dinosaurs and Animal Classification

Last week I asked my five-year-old what lapbook she wanted to do for our next Lapbook Friday. She excitedly said, “Animals!” “What animal?” I asked. “Just animals,” she answered, “all of them.” So I did my best to cater to that. 274 more words


First Impressions & Animal Impressions at NHM

(Disclaimer: I take the business of museum-ing very seriously. Very seriously indeed. I’d like you to bear this in mind throughout this post. Oh and I definitely don’t wear my red tea dress too much.) 390 more words


#JurassicWorld Movie Updates

The dinosaurs that scared me while growing up are coming back to the big screen. June 12, 2015 is the set release date for the anticipate for the “Jurassic World” movie. 278 more words

Shrinking dinosaurs evolved into flying birds

A new study involving scientists from the University of Southampton has revealed how massive, meat-eating, ground-dwelling dinosaurs evolved into agile flying birds: they just kept shrinking and shrinking, for over 50 million years. 25 more words

Morris Museum shared dinosaur fossils @ Brick branch

TOMS RIVER – The Morris Museum invited children, ages 5 to 8, to interact with dinosaur fossils at the Brick branch of the Ocean County library on Thursday July 31. 123 more words