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Tried a very nice sample today. It has a bit of sophisticated packaging for one packette. It has a kinda thick pinkish consistency, kinda felt like a tinted moisturizer, but spreads like a normal moisturizer on face.

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My Top 5 Foundations...

Here are my top five favourite foundations that I have tried. I have tried various other foundations but these ones are the main ones I use and will write about. 771 more words


Getting Lippy: Lipsticks in My Handbag

We’ve all been there at some point — digging around for a lipstick and getting frustrated because you can’t find it. Of course, the 40 other shades you haven’t won’t do, it has to be  215 more words


Fashion Mania: Medieval Style

Sounds of trumpet … ladies and gentlemen listen, listen here are my ….. must this season! On ammetetelo by those who have read Gmae of Thrones and The Throne of Glass? 24 more words


Empties #1

True to the title, this will be an empties post. I’ve been a hopeless makeup junkie since first ‘discovering’ it in end 2008 (yes, I’ve never wondered why girls had such long eyelashes and why their eyes looked so pretty. 923 more words


Beauty post about me by WillowJolie

Hey guys! My lovely friend from Luxembourg placed me on her awesome beauty blog! What an honor to be on there :) ! Here’s the post. 665 more words