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bon appétit : greek yogurt and feta dip

It’s no secret that I’m a big snacker and most times prefer to enjoy a snack rather than a big meal. And there is always that great debate of sweet vs savory when craving a little nibble. 111 more words

Bon Appetit

Green Beans and Avocado Dip.

Hello everybody.

This morning  I gave another Date Rolls lesson to a dear friend who couldn’t make it last week, It was a big success, we finished quickly,chatted and had coffee :) 125 more words

Pop Pop's Warm Spinach Artichoke Dip

Every time we go to my Pop Pop’s house for any type of meal, he makes this dip. I’m pretty sure he got it off of the back of a Jarlsberg cheese package, but none the less, it is always amazing and who could turn down a warm dip? 179 more words

Perfect Guacamole (every time)

Guacamole is a staple side as far as I’m concerned. I struggle to think of a savoury dish that I would not want to eat guacamole with – and quite right, too! 150 more words

Food Blog

Beginner Hummus

I’m pretty new to hummus. There really isn’t a lot of good quality hummus floating around when you grow up in a small Southern town that mostly caters to a middle-aged Caucasian population. 125 more words


Crossfit for anyone update

Yesterday I posted an article about crossfit being for anyone. I do all of my workouts from home (except running, riding and swimming where I actually get some sunlight), so thought I would really see how true the title of the article really was. 94 more words


Super Smoky Babaghanouj

Just as Autumn begins to turn cold and hints at what’s to come, we light our first wood fire and the family menu begins to change. 416 more words


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If you loved my version of Baba Ghanouj with yoghourt then you must check out this gorgeous smokey version that Francesca has created as part of this month's Cookbook Guru. Leah