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I know the way...I can see by the moonlight clear as the day

“Follow Me Home” was released on the Dire Straits’ sophomore album, Communiqué, in the summer of 1979. This is my favorite Dire Straits album and the second I’ve done for a track from it (the first being one of my very first videos, (and somehow still by far my most popular one)….”Once Upon A Time In The West”….the vid is too clunky for me to bear now, but the song is as classic and timeless as ever…gotta get around to a reboot on that vid someday!) This song has always been another favorite from the album, I just really love the smooth tropical-like groove that the band finds and stays in for the track….Knopfler’s guitar is as stylishly stunning as always, and Pick Withers’s restrained style, favoring spare snare drum and hi-hat combinations sound are perfect for the track. 236 more words

Sunday Soundtrack - Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits)

Well this feature (if you can call it that) has gone well, hasn’t it? Oh well, here’s a Sunday Soundtrack that came at the request of Abbi from… 40 more words


They have a point here!!!

My current read is something that has to do with the 2008 financial meltdown.

Listening to the words of the senior most traders like George Soros, and Warren Buffet, I cannot but keep pondering as to why would these Seniors detach themselves from the world of Derivatives. 150 more words


Night owl chat - Dire Straits

Full disclosure: My brother loved Dire Straits, and tried to get me into them. I never could, until recently. Maybe it’s being middle aged, but their melancholia now appeals to me. 33 more words

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Aztec Camera - Knife (WEA, 1984)

Having just said all that about ‘Hard Land, Hard Rain’ (in the post below this one) when on holiday in North Wales last year I stopped into… 66 more words


The Coldplay Effect: or, When Good Bands Go Bland

I was standing looking at our late summer garden the other day (yeah, I know the title suggests this is about music, but work with me, okay? 2,184 more words

Turntable Tuesday Video: 'Walk of Life' By Dire Straits

Here’s one that you might not have heard in awhile.

This is my favorite of all the Turntable Tuesday songs I picked for today, mainly because I remember this song and music video so vividly! 61 more words