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What's the Future of Direct Mail

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with industry guru Jim Hamilton from InfoTrends for my new endeavor with Pitney Bowes, and we chatted about direct mail. 57 more words

Multi-Channel Marketing

Here we go again...and again...and again....

Repetition counts.

One shot mailings (and e-mail or social media posts for that matter) are like playing pin-the-tail on the donkey.  Rarely accurate and sometimes with embarassing results.  189 more words

Improve Your Marketing

A Pandemic of Direct Mail ADHD

A few years ago I was contacted by a company in Western Canada that asked me to help them improve their direct mail campaigns.  They shared that they had tried direct mail in the past, but that the response rate was inconsistent – one mailing would do very well, the next would receive zero response.  380 more words

Direct Mail

Why the Frustrated Contractor Fails

The “Frustrated Contractor” is one of the most widely used attempts by HVAC contractors at responsive marketing.  I would bet that it has been used by at least one contractor in each major North American city – and sometimes more than one, erroding its credibility like a fast moving river. 532 more words

Improve Your Marketing

Latest Project: All Souls' Church Direct Mail

When a great, long-time client calls and ask for our help assisting his church with a pledge drive, of course we say “Yes”. This is how we got involved with the 2014 All Souls’ Episcopal Church Every Members Canvas project. 140 more words


The Marketing Power of Every Door Direct Mail

As a business owner or marketing manager, you understand that to be successful, you must have an effective marketing plan.

Today, marketers follow an easy principle, there are those who are likely to purchase something and those who are on the fence about purchasing a product or service.   242 more words