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Elements of a Successful Every Door Direct Mail Postcard

Marketing a business, product or services may be difficult to market for a small business.  At first, business owners may feel overwhelmed with the variety of marketing outlets that they can use. 635 more words

Every Door Direct Mail

Digital Alone Won't Make as Strong of an Impact

We’ve all heard (and continue to hear) about the demise of print and the praises for the digital realm. It’s like a boxing match that never ceases to end, so when I saw a post on Target Marketing looking at the success of each medium, I was a little giddy (as I always am when people compare the two forms side by side). 204 more words

Multi-Channel Marketing

Your Business Could be Suffering Because You’re Selfish Ways

When I started Charlotte Print I figured I’d have to steer clear of all other graphic designers and commercial printers in my space.

After all, why invite competitors on to my turf? 295 more words

Cross-Channel Writing Tips

Direct Marketing IQ is one of my favorite websites to visit to see what’s going on in the direct marketing world. On June 11th, they hosted a wonderful webinar on creating cross-channel copywriting tips to start using now. 424 more words


Time for direct marketing to get in touch with reality

Sensory marketing makes sense

There is one thing that direct mail can do that no other channel can: activate all five of your senses. Touch. Taste. 450 more words

Postcards From The Digital Frontier

Dimensional Marketing is a Trend Worth Talking About

Dimensional marketing is a trend that is popping up everywhere. Direct mailers especially are following this trend as they can outperform standard mail formats by 250% according to the Direct Marketing Association. 282 more words


Trade Show To-Do List: What to Do Before You

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to make sales, build relationships and collect qualified leads. To maximize your participation, consider the following before you’re off and running. 471 more words