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Suncorp's "wow factor" loan misses one thing...the "wow factor"!

Don’t you love marketing messages that make you think aloud, “I wish I did that” – like the Ole Lynggaard mailing I mentioned earlier this week. 801 more words


Improving Your Headline!

In life, you only get one chance to make a first impression. In marketing, your headline is the first impression that your mail piece makes on the recipient. 322 more words


Rules are rules

The basic rules of good copywriting are pretty clear, but probably worth running through them again. Would love to hear any other ‘rules’.

• Make it obvious what you’re offering your audience. 172 more words

American Cancer Society eliminates direct mail -- one year later

This was a bold move for sure. I applaud the ACS for rethinking their investment. It will be interesting to tract the results.

One year ago, I wrote an article that detailed what may be one of the boldest moves by a top brand in the nonprofit industry.

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New Printer Alert!

Océ ColorStream 3500 Inkjet Printer

Interested in our high quality color digital print work? The video below highlights a variety of what we can offer along with introducing the newest member of the Strahm Automation family: Océ ColorStream 3500 Inkjet Printer. 11 more words

Thursday Blogs!

Transcending the Traditional vs. Digital Divide

There’s a growing division in the advertising world: a yawning chasm between traditional and digital approaches. Old-school marketers, direct mailers and brochures in hand, stand on one side, and tech-savvy SEO gurus, web developers, and AdWords adepts on the other. 314 more words


We still get the basics wrong (in 2014)

I don’t like picking on individual companies but I see these mistakes daily. We’re in 2014 and there is still such a gap in marketing integration across big companies. 259 more words

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