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La Ronde Chapter Five: In Park is Here!

The fifth episode in the La Ronde is here! Check it out by watching the video above!

Thank again to the incredibly talented Hartleigh Buwick, Mary Black, and Noah James. 21 more words

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Director's Notebook (Four Weeks into The Mikado) ~ guest post by Chris Bord

We’re about midway into The Mikado now, and I’ve gone through most of the stages of directing: optimism, exasperation, depression and exhaustion. These are not linear – sometimes all four come during the same day. 1,050 more words

BOYHOOD - Growing Up in Real Time

Boyhood  is that most modern of movies. As self-actualisation in the Western world fast becomes our primary goal, Director Richard Linklater offers up a more innocent take on growing up. 571 more words

Anderson and Jeunet- Chapter One: Palettes

Due to my EPQ not technically allowing me to make my own original film without studying someone else (well excuse me for not being a famous director – yet) I had to compromise by making my film in the style of someone else – which does upset me, but because Wes Anderson and Jean-Pierre Jeunet are both Directors that inspire me, I suppose my film would’ve been inspired by them anyways. 596 more words


Book Review: Alfred Hitchcock’s Moviemaking Master Class

Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions

Release Date: May 1, 2013

There have been countless books devoted to Alfred Hitchcock. Most are film theory, many are biographies, and others are detailed accounts of the making of a specific Hitchcock film. 491 more words

Alfred Hitchcock

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I will come back

You are eighteen,
You see me, I put my hand out
To you, she is smiling, for you
In her knowing way, that’s me
He has your colouring, leading… 108 more words

The newish comic most likely to become successful? I get sidetracked by Chaucer

You can never tell who is going to succeed. Some extremely talented performers crash and burn. Some with minimal talent strike it lucky. (See vast swathes of BBC3.) 1,490 more words