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Ugh, do you know what really bugs me? When people love a bloody remake of a good movie and the remake sucked arse compared to the original and these people love the remake and didn’t even know that it was a remake!!! 112 more words

Eoin's birthday celebration 2015

A few years ago OMGEoinMacken! came up with the idea of raising money for a good cause instead of making a video, book, … with birthday wishes for Eoin. 128 more words


The Reunion

A mind altering 6 days in the jungle that is difficult to put into words.


Directing: Rehearsals

For my rehearsal this week on my directing scene I was pleased with the way the session went and I started to feel more positive. I also felt like myself and the actor who I am working together with on this project seemed to get loads done this week which make me really happy and positive for my first directing project. 319 more words


Mr. Nichols: a fan remembers

Yesterday morning I was roused by my internal alarm clock, with it’s faithfully indiscriminate timing, and saw my phone, cozily illuminated under my covers. In my half-conscious sleep I read a prompt from CNN stating the legendary director Mike Nichols passed away at 83. 1,214 more words


Ok guys, I’m officially single once again. We’re still friends, me and her. But now it’s weird cuz we’re talking about other relationships. Ya, well hmmm… Stuff. 79 more words

Mike Nichols - A roundabout, reductive story that says it all.

There’s an indirect and reductive story about Mike Nichols in Frank Langella’s wonderful book, Dropped Names, that speaks to all the things that have been said and will be said about the supremely talented, prolific and enduring Nichols. 510 more words

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