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Significant Procrastination: An Overture to Effective Timewasting

If you’re looking for a surefire method to killing procrastination, you won’t find one here (if it exists). But if you have chronic and frequent retrospections of insignificance… 621 more words


When God Loves Us Enough to Hide From Us

Sometimes, it feels like we’ve been waiting on God for years. Even though we’ve been here just over three months, looking for a job has taken its toll on us. 280 more words


Feature Film : Chanel No. 5 Set : The Director

Baz Luhrmann explains his direction through the creative process.

Video from Chanel Youtube. Head to Chanel.com for more


Empowering of the Holy Spirit Part 2

As we continue looking at the Holy Spirit and the power with which He brings to our lives, we want to look at the power He gives us to live the life that God desires. 214 more words


A Thing Like NIck FAncher pt:II

On presenting my research in Nick Fancher, I was shown that my research had focused mainly on the practical aspects but it would be useful to have more of a focus on the cultural context of the images to give them more substance and gel together fairly well. 210 more words


Faithful Obedience to Guidance and Presence

We are called to be at work with God in the world.  It is hard to know how to work ‘with’ God sometimes.  We are so prone to do things on our own that often we work for God, doing things in His name but not with Him.   268 more words

Everyone is looking for you

I wondered off & got lost in the bus station. I was small & the place was big, but I knew prayer & I said “God please let me find them, I promise I won’t be bad.” & I was found. 69 more words