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A new direction

Yes, I know I’m accustomed to trying to change the way I do things, but it’s all really a search to find what works for me! 150 more words


Change of Plans

Only recently have I been able to actually accept when plans change without having a bit of a strop immediately after. I used to find it so frustrating, partly because you big up this whole vision of how whatever you planned is going to go and how great it’s going to be, then in a few seconds of hearing that it can’t happen, you’re doing nothing. 435 more words


The luxury of dreams

This scene from the movie Inception, in which he sees his wife and children playing on the beach, left me a little unsettled about how my dreams of Simon evolved over the years. 352 more words


I found his map (warning - there is a metaphor ahead for those that don't understand metaphors)

So, while our taxi somehow does not need gas, the driver does need to go to the restroom.  While he was inside, I grabbed his map. 195 more words

Pointless Ponderings

If you can hear it, you might s’well say
Clear as a blurb, and darker than the day.
For there is no meaning, no mould in clay— 86 more words

Poetic Intervention


Three days ago I turned twenty. Three days ago I also managed to find some direction in my life. I want to teach English in Japan. 103 more words

Soulful Saturday: A Clear Path

I love that God’s Word is able to direct us in life.

I’d be completely lost without it.

Today, my pray for you and I is that we always walk the path lit by God’s word. 62 more words

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