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The Cute Little Fox Is Destroying Your Vineyard!

We spend a lot of time focusing on the big things and it’s the cute little innocent things that are destroying our lives. When God speaks to you and tells you to cut something out of your life, do it right away. 369 more words

What to Do When You Can't See The Way

   Even when the path is dark, you can still take the steps.

   Look for the signs, not the answers.

   The signs will light the way.

Jodi Ashbrook

“Change your future, release your past.” -GettingOnTop


3 Good Reasons To Seek God's Will Over Your Life

Sometimes, picking up the Bible and seeking God’s word over a decision in your life will sound as practical as eating a bowl of cereal and milk in the car as you drive. 558 more words


On a roll

We all have times when we are on a roll and we do a lot of productive stuff.
That was like that for me the last few days and wow I felt like a lot was achieved. 172 more words


30/10/14: usefulness, purpose and meaning

Not so long ago I had an epiphany and I discovered I hadn’t grown in ways that were crucial to my existence. For a while this made me feel down, then I remembered that if I wanted this to change only I have the power to do so. 661 more words


Tips for getting the best travel deals!

Traveling is something not many people can afford to do. It’s a luxury that some enjoy more then others. For me, I plan and book every trip myself. 330 more words