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Spiritual Sunday – Doormat or Bulldozer?

A necessity in piecing together the mosaic of progress is establishing what is within my control, what I think is in my control, and accepting what is not. 613 more words

Discipline is the child of chaos and you are the follower of religion


Party Is Irrelevant.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal – the results really are the same in today’s political climate, aren’t they?  159 more words


Are You Willing To Change?

What are the things that wake you at 3am?  THOSE are the big issues, maybe the main issues of your life.  We all have got to be willing to undergo self-examination and figure out how to deal with such issues, and that is the single hardest thing for human beings to do.   19 more words

Other Roads Less Traveled

The road less travelled


Thy eyes, they tell me of past memories that have resounded through the chambers of your heart.

They guide me to thoughts that lead to many roads. 246 more words

Wherefore art thou going?

“When a person does not know which harbour he or she is making for,
none is the right one”


My View Of The World

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