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DirtDirtDirt - aka Dreck

Ich war heute mit ner Hand voll guter Freunde auf einem DirtbikeJam in Friedberg. Dirt habe ich so noch nie fotografiert, darum war das ganze für mich recht spannend. 93 more words


Dirt Bike 3

Dirt Bike 3 is a Dirt Bike Riding and Stunt Performing Game. The aim of the game is to ride over all of the obstacles to reach the end of each stage as quickly as possible. 35 more words

The Most Important Math Formula Of All Time

You can’t argue with this…. …it’s math, and there is only 1 correct answer !

Some Bikes I Like

In my travels, I take a lot of photos. I also delete a lot. Here, however, are a few bikes that are unique, some of which are my photos, and a few of which are not. 223 more words

Domain Name Upgrade

Dear readers,
Please be advised that lifebehindbarsmoto.com is the new primary domain for my site. Please add it to your bookmarks. Since I spent $26 to get a snazzy “dot com”, I figured I’d promote it. 30 more words


You know what must not feel good? Dropping 30 feet out of the air and landing on your back. It must hurt so much. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still laying there in the dirt, I would be. 16 more words

Jay Marmont Supercross Training 2014

In the past 11 years, Jay has won eight Australian championships.
The 31 year old from Wollongong has represented Australia in the Motocross of Nations and has been an enormous presence in racing in Australia for the past 25 years. 91 more words