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The Battle Within Me - All Work and No Play Makes Me a Dull Girl

Want To Do and Should Do are concepts that I struggle with daily. I’m at odds with myself, constantly deciding if I should get things done or just drop everything to do something enjoyable. 437 more words

Sigh of Thankfulness

Last night, after I decided that I could no longer fight the heaviness of my eyelids and thus made the decision to go to bed (which I’d been dreading because it meant I had to not only get up from the couch, but also carry my two boys who had fallen asleep on me, up a flight of stairs to our rooms), I looked around my house and just sighed. 899 more words

When I Do Dishes....

As the whole family has watched the dishes mound up, it has caused all of us to feel some level of guilt.  A brave family member (usually my wife) dives in and often washes all of them or causes the onslaught of the dirty dishes to temporary be abated.   195 more words


Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes formed in Boston Massachusetts after songwriter Jenny Tuite (guitar/vocals) and Alex Molini (synth/bass) attended the same party. Having had far too much to drink, Alex vomited all over Jenny’s shoes, but got her number from a mutual friend and called the next day to apologise and offer to buy her some new shoes. 66 more words


Three That Get Done Without Help (2008)

1. The second hand on the clock rotates.
2 .The heat comes on when the room gets cooler.
3. The dishes pile up in the sink. 20 more words


Video: Dirty Dishes - 'Thank You Come Again'

Sometimes you just allow your mind to wander into strange places and you begin to ponder things that you’ve never thought too much about before, like ‘what if elephants were the size of Chihuahuas?’ or ‘what if Bieber’s videos had gone unnoticed?’. 172 more words