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Three For Later (2014)

1. Dirty dishes.

2. Special project.

3. Anything and everything.


Easy to scoff-

Easy to put off.


It never ends, and then it does!


When I do laundry I think to myself as I sort all the bits into like piles. I think, “That’s it, we will all be nudist!” and I go about my sorting and washing only to triumph over it and find that as I washed every scrap of clothing I also wore some and therefor there is still dirty clothes in the house! 123 more words

In The Kitchen.

Macro Photography!

There’s no angry way to say ‘bubbles’. Seriously. Try it. 


Most of the time dirty dishes aren’t something to be excited about, but I decided to put a twist on things and make the disgusting chore look more interesting. 222 more words


Living With a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I had three essays due in on the same day… which was absolute torture! But I managed to get them all done and submitted, hopefully with decent grades! 349 more words

And you thought it wouldn't be done

Just in case you’re keeping score at home, here’s proof I’m not a total dolt.

The kitchen sink is a far cry from the mess it was just a few days ago. 87 more words


Is this a test?

My wife left for the beach this morning. She goes every year at around this time with a group of friends. It’s an opportunity for her to let her hair down without me and the kids around. 59 more words

Joan of Snark : Work Life

There are the obvious advantages to working at home a couple of days a week, like trading an 86-mile round trip commute for a 100-foot round trip commute, and getting to wear a tee shirt and yoga pants to work…not that anyone in my office would blink much if I did show up in such attire. 349 more words