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Thanksgiving Can be a Drain

When I was 28, my best friend and I packed up everything we didn’t sell and left Dallas for San Diego. Among the well-wishers were the skeptics that we’d fail in this endeavor. 1,874 more words

Rotten bananas all over the floor

I dearly hope my housemates don’t know that my blog exists, because there is just a teeny chance that they may be offended by this post. 410 more words

Miscellaneous Writings

Excuse me, do I work here?

New Zealanders love a good DIY ( Do It Yourself ) attitude – build your own fence, concrete your own driveway…but Finns bring it into the everyday as at most cafes you’ll find it’s DIY dishes. 179 more words

Adjusting To A New Life

New Music: Dirty Dishes - Thank You Come Again

Can we apologise? This has been out a while, and yet we’ve only just got to it, as good as it is. Its by Boston Massachusetts duo Dirty Dishes, aka Jenny Tuite (guitar/vocals) and Alex Molini (synth/bass) who went through that classic boy meets girl at party, boy vomits on girls shoes, boy rings girl to offer to buy new shows, boy and girl get together to make a mash up of grungey rock and trippy experimental music. 178 more words


Grateful #2

I am grateful for a sink full of yucky dishes…gross? sure…but it means we have food to eat, a place to prepare it and many mouths to feed…and let’s not forget…boys who do the dishes! 13 more words

The Battle Within Me - All Work and No Play Makes Me a Dull Girl

Want To Do and Should Do are concepts that I struggle with daily. I’m at odds with myself, constantly deciding if I should get things done or just drop everything to do something enjoyable. 437 more words

Sigh of Thankfulness

Last night, after I decided that I could no longer fight the heaviness of my eyelids and thus made the decision to go to bed (which I’d been dreading because it meant I had to not only get up from the couch, but also carry my two boys who had fallen asleep on me, up a flight of stairs to our rooms), I looked around my house and just sighed. 899 more words