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The trouble with liars

Liar 1: I’m fed up with all of these lies. For the good of the cause, it’s time for Liar 2 to come clean.

Liar 2: 526 more words


Why should journalists be independent? Part One

Just a little author’s note before I start, I feel that political and commercial influences on the media are both very broad and different topics. In order to do both the answers justice, I have decided to split this question up into two parts. 531 more words

Weekly Questions Answered

Dirty Politics and Ethics

Ken Sorenson of the Michell Bachman Presidential campaign of 2012 has admitted to taking money.  Not the first political dirty deed. $ 73,000.00 and a conviction of a felony for accepting money from the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign.   441 more words

Judith Collins resigns as minister

A surprise turn and news agencies scramble to live broadcast Prime Minister, John Key’s announcement from parliament yesteraday.

He has accepted Judith Collins’ resignation as Justice minister. 168 more words

Elections 2014

Poli, Poli, Poli POLITICIAN

It’s that time again, election time.

I love and hate this time. 

I LOVE analysing how parties promote themselves, the billboard designs, promotional material, social media campaigns and the promises they make (and often break post-election). 607 more words

The National Party, Integrity and John Phillip Key

There have been a few things floating around in my head over the last week. I’ve started this post several times and deleted it as I tried to gather those thoughts together into some kind of coherent narrative. 850 more words