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A true prophecy without the Zionist-spin ~

True prophecy is 99.98% honesty and intelligence + .02% vision ~

Every govt in the world is being backed into a corner by Zionists either using hard core greed or hard core political blackmail over past… 283 more words


Ron Paul to Defy IRS Demands

Ron Paul continues to go against the grain

According to the Washington Examiner, Campaign for Liberty, a Ron Paul organization, has decided to defy an… 465 more words


Kathleen is getting her hat

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Resigning:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will announce Friday she is stepping down, ABC News has confirmed.

When the kitchen catches on fire, the head chef bails out, or something like that. 111 more words

Dirty Politics

Transparency my kiester

Obama Administration Cites ‘National Security’ More Than Ever To Censor, Deny Records:

Is it ALL really a matter of National Security or the obstinacy of the Obama administration to co-operate with the American people and the news media? 448 more words

Dirty Politics

Look at us now...

The conditioning began long before this. We live in boxes, eat reconstituted food pastes, shower in and drink toxic chemicals, irradiate our “food” to “cook” it and stare at light screens all day while civilization meanders closer and closer to some end that’s never revealed but consistently promised as a utopia by every “leader” we’ve ever had.

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