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The Labour Party plot to kill Cameron Slater: the shocking evidence

Cameron Slater has claimed that people within Labour have tried to kill him.

Shortly after Slater made this astonishing claim, I received from an anonymous source a recording of a conversation between senior Labour Party members in which a plan to kill Slater is discussed. 1,471 more words


John Key implodes over the Gwyn report

The Cheryl Gwyn report into the release of SIS information relating to whether Phil Goff was or wasn’t briefed about the Israeli spy saga  was released on Tuesday.  901 more words


"They still have standard bloggers on staff"

In a text to John Key on Monday Cameron Slater said “They still have standard bloggers on staff”. ‘They’ meaning Labour.

Lyn Prentice has long denied this has ever been the case, but while posts continue at The Standard from unidentified sources they will have difficulty batting this sort of claim away. 147 more words


Second life on social media Opposition researchers dissect Cosby's fall.

by Anna Palmer and Darren Samuelsohn,  Politico

Bill Cosby survived accusations of sexual assault for decades — until viral social media outrage took him down in a matter of days. 127 more words


John Key's Goff Games

So the rotten corpse of communistic crap that is Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics book refuses to flush down the political toilet. The Tucker turd which we all thought had slipped through the SIS bend has actually floated back up and is stinking out the PM’s private bathroom. 221 more words


A statement from John Key

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Apologise? What for? I’m not sorry for anything. I have done nothing wrong. It’s Phil Goff who should be apologising. It’s Phil Goff who should resign. 539 more words


Somewhere between Key and Goff/Norman/Hager

John Key hasn’t dealt with the fallout from “Dirty Politics” well. He has batted off many accusations, that’s normal for playing politics. But he should accept some responsibility for what has been played out of his office via Jason Ede. 480 more words