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Going Insane

All it takes
two days sick
no shower cuz yur too tired
‘nd it starts,
then glitches n bothers
that lead you
from one thought to another… 376 more words


Political Ad Deception of the Day: Alison Grimes

This ad is a great example of how far politicians will lie to get elected.

One would think by this commercial that Alison Grimes is a conservative Democrat. 403 more words

True Talking Points

Wisconsin GOP running fake Mary Burke web ads

I’ve seen on a couple of websites that the Republican Party of Wisconsin is running web ads designed to look like web ads that Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mary Burke ran recently. 242 more words

Statewide Wisconsin Politics

Post-Debate Reflections

It was one of the best performances of my life, without a doubt. A lot of people had been doubting my ability to be impartial. The haters were questioning my professionalism. 297 more words


Underhanded? Subterfuge? Moi? Never!

Intrigue, dirty tricks.

Both sides accuse the other.

Who can know the truth?


Anyone who followed the Simpson case proceedings, lo those 20 years ago, can surely remember the vitriol that was slung across the courtroom well by defense and prosecution attorneys. 29 more words


Gangstalking and Whistleblowing

According to the authorities gang stalking does not exist. However it is public knowledge that organised harassment of whistleblowers does exist. And the tactics used against whistleblowers are the same tactics that targets of gang stalking complain of. 293 more words