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Our last EyesOnUSA.org article (article 25) on the rise and fall of Captain Obama began with a statement that Bob Beckel of The Five on FOX made regarding that it is OK for politicians to lie and how they do it all of the time. 5,183 more words

Fossil fuel industry’s dirty tricks campaign exposed

A leaked tape from an oil and gas industry conference shows how Big Carbon uses dirty tricks to undermine science, vilify its critics and discredit journalists who criticise the use of fossil fuels, writes… 1,248 more words

Fossil Fuels

The Scottish Independence Podcast 98 - Blair Jenkins

For the third Scottish Independence Podcast interview after the referendum, I spoke with Chief Executive of the Yes Scotland campaign, Blair Jenkins.

We talked about the things he felt went well in the campaign and those that didn’t go so well on the Yes side. 97 more words


Dirty Tricks Time, Part Deux

Gosh. Maybe, just maybe, the VTGOP is a little tiny bit concerned about Lt. Gov. Phil Scott’s electoral prospects. Because party Vice Chair Brady Toensing, he of the… 491 more words

2014 Election

Bill Whittle: Weaponizing Government Against Citizens (video)

This is a must see…. more of the Democrats’ War against freedom of speech and the First Amendment.

Bill Whittle: Weaponizing the Government

True Talking Points

House Oversight and Reform Committee video: Highlights of the illegal IRS targeting of American citizens for political reasons

The House Oversight and Reform Committee released a new video highlighting the illegal IRS targeting of American citizens for political reasons.

True Talking Points

CIA Admits Spying on Senate

So much for Separation of Powers. After the revelations of Ed Snowden, Sharyl Atkisson and more, can anyone seriously believe that Members of Congress and their staff are not under electronic surveillance by the executive? 825 more words

True Talking Points