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The First And Ongoing Casualty

The picture above is what we should have seen on Wednesday night, the Red Arrows doing something vaguely like a Saltire.

As those who watched the opening ceremony know what we got was the Union acting as it has all the way through this campaign, with clodhopping stupidity. 898 more words


Nationalists, who us?

As already noted in today’s earlier post, the Britnats are already out in force, whether it is twitter trolling or Alan Cochrane getting steamed up over a badge and a throwaway comment based on polling that suggests that Greater Glasgow is the most pro-Yes part of Scotland. 1,321 more words


Smearing For Beginners Part 3 - The Misdirection

This post is an off-shot of another one that is still under development and has been since the Chilcott whitewash of Tony Blair and his decision-making that took the country to war, a war that for us was about maintaining influence with Washington and had over one million people protesting in the streets against him. 1,332 more words


If idle hands make the devil's work then keep them busy

Someone asked yesterday what I thought of Julius Malema being appointed to the Judicial Services Commission. Did the ANC not care about the kinds of judges that would be appointed? 818 more words

African National Congress

Dirty campaign tactics

Patricia Bence is chair of the Tioga County Democratic Committee. She and Martha Robertson were harassed at the Owego Strawberry Festival parade on Saturday, June 21, by Reed’s agent. 178 more words


Superfly 'Guay

Players in the Uruguayan national team had to vacate their rooms last night after a termite infestation was discovered in one of their beds. According to the media, the players believe this to be part of a dirty tricks campaign to put them off tonight’s game against England. 45 more words


Internet Snow Job Propaganda

Some attitude change propaganda is easy to spot for those who are vigilant, but those who create such propaganda know that all too many people simply “ 571 more words

Communications Theory