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Must See Video: How Chicago TEA Party Leader Saved Outspoken Cancer Patient and Was Targeted by the IRS

In the video blow you will see Bill Elliot, who lost his insurance due to Obamacare, could not afford the new Obamacare premiums and deductibles, had resigned himself to die: 49 more words

Dirty Tricks

Spies, lies and loads of horlicks

Also, slander, dirty tricks, smearing and framing.

The slanders directed at Targeted Individuals have a core standard menu of criminal/prostitute/homosexual/terrorist/paedophile, with anything else thrown in convenient to the situation (like in Ireland, spreading to the Republican community that someone is a British spy). 1,940 more words

Gang Stalking

BBD - The DNA Gambit

Just reading through some of Barrett Brown’s old blog posts. Seems there’s always more writing by the man than I thought. Anyway, got curious about the “OWS murder link.” Brown mentions it in relation to… 669 more words

Hi-jacking a life starts with destroying relationships

Whether the person who intends to hi-jack your life and exploit you for their own purposes is an abusive spouse, a cult, a gang stalker recruiter, espionage, a pimp or trafficker, the MO is broadly the same. 865 more words

Gang stalking -more strange goings-on at 28 Spring Grove

More odd goings-on at 28 Spring Grove, Harrogate. I think, but I am not sure, that someone in this house of bed-sits is concealing a child on the premises. 57 more words

Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook Refused No-Poaching Agreement With Google

The vast collusion between technology companies to prevent poaching and hiring among themselves, thereby limiting fair-market wages for the workers in question, has a new wrinkle today: Facebook refused to play ball, and we have a statement to that effect. 355 more words