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Love of Dry Shampoo

Now I am as clean as the next person, but sometimes I just don’t want to wash my hair. This could also be due to the fact that I have big, thick, curly hair that is tough to handle and I shed like crazy when I brush it. 386 more words


The darker side of the internet has creeped me out and made me feel dirty.

I accidentally got on to the wrong part of the internet.  Searching for something quite innocent, I clicked on a website that I thought would be about the subject I was searching for, and instead found something very disturbing. 97 more words

Humpday Remixes - "Dirty Diana (Nick* Remix ft. Steve Stevens)"

In case you’re new to BLENDERtunes… on Wednesday we spotlight remixes and today I bring you a banger! Everyone loves MJ (moment of silence) and everyone loves a good dance beat – so VOILA! 50 more words


I think I offended my boss...

Ireland is supposedly very “green”, not in the literal sense like the natural beauty but the environmentally friendly type.
When you go to the grocery store you arnt given a bag, you either buy a plastic bag for 20 cent or you carry them in your arms, backpack, reusable bag, or the plastic bag you bought 20 grocery trips ago. 306 more words

7-30 BBQ Fires, Celebrity Shags and Sharknado 2 - The Morning Playhouse


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Ummm sorry lady… but when did a compliment become harassment? Jane FINALLY gets to talk about this ridiculous ‘card game’ and who is Steve’s celebrity shag?…

Sticky Situations: Credit Card Caught Up

She’s been avoiding him for a few weeks now…no talks, no dinners, no nothing. He can’t think of anything else other than she found someone else. 75 more words


[GET] 31 Dirty Little Tricks To Get Free and Cheap Traffic


Originally Posted by rts2271;

I’ve met Ross many times at Matt’s events and the guy really knows what he is talking about when it comes to free traffic. 886 more words