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Photos from Sweden

There aren’t many here, but hopefully I can get some from other people to add to this gallery.


Running, Riding, and Swimming through Sweden

I spent this last weekend up in the Swedish wilderness, about a three hour drive from Copenhagen. We were there to run a “family” triathlon, as it was explained to us. 801 more words


My Week in Retrospect

I officially finished my first full week of classes!  Hard to get used to waking up at 6:15 again.  I haven’t had to do that since high school, and I have obviously lost my touch of waking up on the first alarm.   1,578 more words

Host Family

Keeping It Queer in Copenhagen

Coming from a small conservative town and being raised under the influence of the Catholic Church, I struggled quite a bit with accepting and understanding my sexuality in high school. 1,131 more words


House Bonding

As you may or may not know, I’m in the Arts and Culture LLC at DIS. We have this beautiful house positioned right smack dab in the center of Copenhagen that makes it ridiculously easy to access all sorts of Copenhagen gems, including everything a tourist would dream of seeing. 391 more words


Opgaver og mere

Even though classes have only been in session for one week, I have had more homework for a single class than I would normally have for an entire month back home. 612 more words


Jeg elsker at svømmer!

 Yesterday, I participated in the swimming event of a lifetime.  

The harbors and canals of Copenhagen are very unique, not just because I think they’re the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen, but because they are so clean and unpolluted that the public is allowed to swim in them – there’s even a harbor pool open to the public!   1,073 more words