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Christiansborg Palace

My psychology of leadership class was originally supposed to visit the newspaper that published those problematic Muhammad cartoons in 2006, but at the last minute they backed out of the appointment. 353 more words

Hej DIS!

The past week has been overwhelming: full of activities, new people, an enormous time change and the experience of living in a different country. People often say that things don’t always go as planned when you go abroad and that manifested itself immediately when my plane flight to Chicago was delayed first for an hour and then to three hours. 1,212 more words


Why Living with a Host Family is Still the Best

With the start of second semester came the remembering of my first day with my new Danish family.  It seems absolutely crazy that I’ve been with them for over five months, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  1,467 more words


The nonstick pan

Positive psychology is all about encouraging what’s right with people instead of addressing what’s wrong with them. You study people who flourish and try to figure out what lets them do this while their peers are merely existing or, worse, languishing. 333 more words

I've Only Been Here for a Week... say what?

So hi everyone! Exciting news for you all! I have been chosen as a DIS Student Blogger for the Neuroscience program this semester! Yay! Basically, my picture and blog will be linked to the DIS site for all prospective students to read and learn more and more about DIS and whether it’s the right program for them. 627 more words


A Danish Birthday

This Saturday was my host dad’s 47th birthday and the family threw a HUGE party! All of the relatives from both sides of the family came over in the afternoon and stayed late into the night. 302 more words


Officially Official!

Friday evening me and some of my hall mates decided to go shopping close to where DIS is, a 20 minute metro ride/ walk from where we live in Amager, and grabbed dinner at a fast food burger place because we just haven’t been able to let go of America yet. 637 more words