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Representation of Disabilities and Persons with Disabilities in Avatar: The Last Airbender (and Legend of Korra)

Note: The later part of this essay will contain spoilers for the most recent episodes (as of 10/22/2014) of Legend of Korra, and there will be warning for when they will begin. 1,774 more words


First Step Is Forgiveness Second Step Is To Smile

I am just a human being I love Jesus and I am very grateful that Jesus loves me. Without Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I could have never survived all of the things this world has thrown at me.

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The template below is our business logo for Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC, copyrighted.


 Rocket Man’s photo used to make these art signs. Rocket Man is now 20 and he is a mini donkey! 691 more words


A Compassionate Answer to a Difficult Dilemma

A story in today’s online Telegraph newspaper, written by a mother of a child with a genetic disease, Leigh Syndrome, throws up so many difficult issues for us in the prolife movement.  212 more words

Positively Pro-Life

Not Mine Alone

Gentle small arms
Encircle my neck,
Sweet child’s voices implore,
“Please Granny,
We want you
To be with us more.”
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why do some people fake disability just to get free stuff (which they have no right to)

In October 2013, I rang Manchester Arena to book my latest IL Divo ticket the special needs team are the best to deal with I buy my ticket (great price) I ask if my usual seats are available ” yes of course what numbers do you usually have?” I gave them the numbers I’m adding up the total cost for my friend who has kindly agreed to be my carer “your carer is free” he said “I’m sorry can you repeat that?” ” your carer goes free ” big mega watt smile! 36 more words


It's all about being first in line

In my last post I mentioned that I enjoy going to concerts and shows in my spare time but sometimes getting the tickets can be a challenge. 513 more words