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9 characteristics of my life in a wheelchair

Since losing my legs just over a year ago, one of the most common questions I get asked is “How are you coping?” I have learnt that life as a full-time wheelchair-user with disabilities has its benefits as well as its frustrations. 801 more words


Stranger safety and autism: Here is what you need to know

Stranger safety and Autism: Here is what you need to know from the blog of Special Appucations

It is always best to be safe than sorry, as an abuser can be anybody so do all you can to make your relatives, friends or acquaintances safe and free from harm.


130. Fellow passengers to the grave...

“You do realise that the work can be quite heavy? Loading the autoclave, lugging stuff to be sterilised and so on?”

The candidate nodded. “Yes, I don’t mind lifting. 677 more words


UK Carers At Breaking Point

From Carers UK

‘Carers pushed to breaking point

11 September 2014

Carers across the UK are being pushed to the brink – suffering exhaustion, physical and mental breakdown as they struggle to care for older or disabled loved ones. 916 more words


Day 295: Defending 'the principle' of what that Mr Lord You'reNotWorth£2I'mWorth£300adayexpences said.

You didn’t think this blog was defending………Lordy & indeed Baron WhatNotNastyPartysback£2ajobthankyoupleaseI’mgrategul…….no, no, no….read on sausage.

There’s a few things bugging me.  These bugs are about what commentators are saying in the way of defending ‘the principle’ of what that Mr Lord NotWorth£2 and so somehow the principles are right. 1,058 more words


Tunnel of Darkness

So now
I pass into
The tunnel of
Winter and Darkness
Cold and alone
Dragging despair
As weights
On shoulders
Have bowed
With weariness… 97 more words


It's Not Your Fault

I just apologized to the complete stranger that I snapped at five minutes ago while we were both standing in line to be seated at the Terrace Cafe at Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, where I have no place being because I’m not a gambler, I’m not into nightlife, and I’ve cut back so much on my drinking that yesterday at the pool I was drinking free water from a spigot next to the soda machine while sitting next to a cabana bar with a 2 for 1 price deal on margaritas. 454 more words