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We are your problem...

You work in a department whose whole purpose is to deal with us… the problems.

Your boss no doubt often reminds you that you are working with a limited budget – as we all are, and then you pick up the phone, or open your email, and there WE are… there I am. 863 more words


Killing you never crossed my mind.

Dear Son,

I’m writing this to you because you’ve asked me questions about Issy Stapleton, an Autistic girl whose Mother tried to kill her. You’ve no doubt read about other parents of Autistic children who have killed their children. 1,323 more words

Self Acceptance

Placing persons with disabilities at-risk of poverty

Absolute poverty refers to the inability to acquire vital means for survival, such as food, water, shelter and a minimum standard of sanitation. Relative poverty is an economic inequality calculated within the context of the society in which a person lives. 497 more words


Dear Mr Dawkins....

*taken from downsideup blog *

Richard Dawkins, atheist author, provocateur, scientist, you must by now be well aware of the furore over your comments yesterday.

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Positively Pro-Life

Pain and/or Suffering: Compassion and Choices

September 16, 2014

We’d like to communicate through our blog what it’s like for us to be disabled, in pain, and yet still try our best to be productive, compassionate, and creative members of society. 361 more words


A storm in a teacup!

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In my eyes Kanye West didn’t do anything offensive at all at the concert the two disabled fans must have been slightly embarrassed to have been singled out like that when all they want to do is be like everyone else, I wasn’t offended and he was probably making sure they could see everything too because their view would have been unintentionally blocked by everyone dancing (it happens when you’re in a wheelchair) sometimes all you see is the back of somebody’s head and out of respect for them you don’t always ask them to move I know this from my own experiences. 40 more words