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Teacher, Educate Thyself

I expected to be writing more often than this by now. In the culture of the moment, it seems that everything is public, but I keep finding things that I want to say that I cannot share with the world. 292 more words


An open letter to Virgin Australia: people with disabilities are more important than money.

**Disclaimer: Beyond the temporary impairments I discuss in this article, I am not disabled. I can’t speak for disabled people, and my words on this topic should not be considered more relevant than those of people living with disabilities.** 701 more words



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As a fellow blogger wrote, "If only it were so simple..." Depending on the kind of mental illness and its severity, it might be like the cartoon below: feel the storm coming and hunker down. But there are other possibilities: -- Feeling the storm coming, and work frantically to batten down the hatches with the meds at hand before chaos... -- No warning, just the storm arrives, and there is nothing in the larder, no time to cancel, just SPLAT and then aftermath for a while... -- Or the storm arrives and passes.... and you wake up with your life in disarray, the house in need of Crime Scene Cleaners, your bank account empty and half your friends furious for mysterious reasons. I know folks for whom each of those scenarios has happened. So if you have a friend with mental illness, be kind. If you are one of us, know that you aren't alone, even if it feels like it. (And thanks, comic artist, for a great cartoon!)

How Lucky We Were To Not Know.

** taken from The Jerome Lejeune Foundation website which has a wealth of information on Downs Syndrome**

Ever since Eléonore was born 24 years ago, people have often asked me: “But why?

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Positively Pro-Life

50 Wrongs and Counting

Totally Wrong List from the website Learning Disability Alliance England

An extract ‘After many years of slow progress for people with learning disabilities things are now going backwards. 435 more words