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x126 (token bipolar chick)

As a gay woman, I’m very used to being the “token” that people ask questions of, rather than going to (the much more polite) Google. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when people find out I have bipolar disorder, I become their token friend with mental health concerns and it’s all of a sudden my job to answer any questions they may have. 200 more words

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Spend my days locked in a haze

I’m just … idk, I can’t even find the word.

I have to get a game plan together for my neck and brain surgeries.  I cannot rely on my husband, he’s just as bad as the kids… worse maybe.   106 more words

Mental Health

Disabled dog runs for the first time thanks to 3D-printed legs | The Verge


Look what one lady’s dream of seeing this dog who was born without two front paws-run did. She had a dream of seeing him run and brought that vision to a caring team of prosthetic designers working very advanced 3D computer software and caring about seeing one sweet dog run again. 46 more words


A moment's reprieve. That is all but short of asking for the world.

When you have a rheumatic flare up, it can be agony! It can be torturous! Not in the sense you might think of when being in pain, but rather the limitations that this pain can bring about. 382 more words


United Kindgdom Benefits Scandal

In the United Kingdom people with disabilities have previously been eligible to claim for Disability Living Allowance, DLA. However, the UK Government had been determined to reduce the burden of the cost of the benefits bill, so they have instigated a complete rehash of the system. 777 more words

Watch How This Amazing New Car Will Let Wheelchair-Bound People Drive Around Town

A former Texas lawyer, Stacy Zoern, has invented a low-speed vehicle that will allow wheelchair users to get round town and have more independence.

According to The New York Times, Zoern has lived her entire life in a wheelchair and after an accident in her wheelchair-accessible-van she decided to research better transportation options. 9 more words

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