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Beauty Beyond Bickering

Just about everyone has issues with their parents, don’t they? I know I’ve struggled with acceptance of my parents for who they are. I’ve felt the compulsion, in my adult years, to help them in some way, to change them, to make them see things in a different (better?) way that would serve them (and ultimately myself!) better. 440 more words


Disagree for a Coffee #3

TJ tests the morals of strangers by getting them to play Disagree for a Coffee. So long as they disagree with his statements, they win a coffee. 96 more words


Ten Minutes of TJ: Weds 9/17/14

Ten minutes of today’s show:

-TJ plays “Disagree for a Coffee” with strangers
-Why are you single?
-The most desirable college students in Boston, ranked… 93 more words



Black and white
Brown and blonde
High and low
Back to back
With faces set
You sit
To compromise
Waiting in vain
For the other
To give


I'm not selling Tupperware

What’s stopping you??
It’s not like I’m asking you to buy Tupperware.
Do 3 reps of 15 deep knee lunges
Or even run a 1/2 marathon… 59 more words

An old funny tale by lucy

Daladalas can sometimes be the most irritating mode of transport in Tanzania

I stand and wait for a bus going my way impatiently, and three pass me but the passengers are full packed as cards to the door, so I keep waiting. 360 more words


Balance, the Answer To (almost) Every Question


We nerds would say that the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42. Thank you HG2G. 569 more words

Personal Reflections