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Castle ©

Little feet dip in and out of toasty sand. Toes sift through its mysteries at every step bringing up tiny colored pebbles, sometimes dried flakes of seaweed, and occasional shards of iridescent broken shell. 1,275 more words


Making Room in Church for Your Ideological Enemies

If I had to put together 12 men who would follow me throughout my ministry, I would have chosen differently. I would have picked guys who had my back, who were respected, and most of all, who were on the same page. 696 more words

The Church

Tolerating the Intolerable: America at its Worst

Over the past two decades, the idea of tolerance has emerged as a huge topic of discussion. There is a tremendous push, socially and culturally, to ensure that people display tolerance toward those who are different than they, in action, in belief, in thought and in practice. 1,281 more words

Principle, Purpose, & Passion

504. Confidently Discuss

Discussion and debate never hurts. Have the discussion. More importantly, do your best to understand the other side without sarcasm or hyperbole, but in fairness to their position. 13 more words

Consider This

20 Things We Can All Agree On

There are so many things in this crazy world that people disagree on. Some things are necessary to improving how society functions, others less so… 301 more words


We Argue Cause We Care...At Least I Do...

As I think about things to write about, most of which are things Asshat and I argue about on a constant basis, I thought I would take a second to explain why these arguments happen. 508 more words


Resolving disagreements

Disagreements can be a problem. It’s no fun to be involved with someone and then discover that their point of view on a topic is opposite to yours, particularly if it’s a topic you’re passionate about. 245 more words