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Malaysian Boeing: The Vanishing Point...

The news of the Malaysian Boeing that crashed in Ukraine have vanished from the media completely. Everything is so quiet… Is nobody interested in the results of the investigation? 193 more words


Poem: Disappearing

I found a familiar yet new solace (and it found me)
hard to confront,
hard to embrace,
harder yet to dispel. 295 more words


There was a face behind the angel, its features contorted, disproportionate. Its mouth was a permanent howl of agony and rage. Someone once had told me not to blink around statues of angels, but it must have been an urban legend told to teenagers to scare them at night before they went off their bedrooms to figure out how their bodies, raging with hormones, operated without any clothes on. 265 more words


Reasons to be angry

It is NOT ok to send someone a text telling them you don’t love them anymore. A Text!! When I was at work!!

It is equally NOT ok to follow this up with a cold email a couple of days later. 1,073 more words

In Tandem

I have come to you at a strange time in your life-
Ash rubs clean from your bronzed skin in the harshing gail.
Your loose tears fall from above me… 246 more words


And I Hope You Want To Disappear, Too

Disappear by Mikky Ekko

Every time I close my eyes
I feel I cannot turn back
Every time I close my eyes
I want to fall back into you…

155 more words


Day 12. 85.2 miles.

After another few virtual miles, we appear to be in Anstruther. We’ll be carefull here. Anstruther is a place of mysterious appearances and  dissappearances and we don’t want to find ourselves lost. 643 more words

Virtual Journey