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How To Kill A Ghost

I want to disappear. I’ve had enough of being a ghost. I only feel like I’m haunting. Suicide doesn’t seem such a grotesque thought right now. 147 more words


If I have something to push against, it keeps something alive. If I have nothing to push against, it disappears.



I’m so panicky about this day. I don’t want it to happen. I wish I could disappear. Just vanish. Without a trace. Then I would be safe.


Last week we had some visitors coming and staying over at our house. There were 5 adults and 2 children, so with four of us, our small house was literally jam packed. 460 more words


What Have I Done

The wind was there. In its ever complacence it took with it everything. He stepped in and closed his eyes. Step by step it got harder. 117 more words


Octopus-like camouflage can hide you in plain sight

Interesting what this team at the University of Illinois has managed to create.

I mean yes, it’s still a long way, but I can imagine stuff seemingly blending into it’s surroundings and “disappear”. 19 more words

Tech News

Malaysian Boeing: The Vanishing Point...

The news of the Malaysian Boeing that crashed in Ukraine have vanished from the media completely. Everything is so quiet… Is nobody interested in the results of the investigation? 193 more words