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Let’s Disappear My Dear

My soul mate… let’s disappear to a nowhere land, where there are no doors and are no people to care about,
My dear let’s go to the dream we built together, a house and a shelter from all the worldly gallows, 168 more words

Living to Freeze

I wish we all froze.

Because if we could all freeze,
we would all live.

Dying comes with disappearing.
Even the most memorable of souls knows that with death, 85 more words

Free Verse


I sat alone on the rocks. I wasn’t really alone though, I had the demon siting next to me, half a bottle of Jack and the cold handle of a pistol gripped tightly to keep me brutal company. 370 more words

Here One Minute, Gone The Next

Less than even thirty years ago, people speculated that our generation would be the one to fill the whole “space age” or science fiction image, one with flying cars and trams going to and fro as far as the enhanced eyes could see. 293 more words


Is Everyone Disappearing Into Thin Air?

Today started off like a normal day. I was walking down to Mendocino Farms to try out their feeble attempt at the Holiday Turkey sandwich… 522 more words