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Sewing you, not fixing

Solving you wasn’t something i studied for
but fixing you was.
not a math problem or a crossword, but a sock that just had a few too many… 440 more words

Bits And Pieces



I can feel the wool sleeves of my uniform creep up

The itchy strands rubbing against my wrists

While my blouse stretches taut across the ligaments of my throat. 65 more words


Brighton Music Blog End of Year Top Twenty, 7 - Cate Ferris / Disappear EP

Cate Ferris’ live performances have always been a joy to behold – her voice always surprises and her effortless use of her looping kit belies the true skill involved. 87 more words

He's got a point

I have been putting off seeing my dad for the last year plus a few months. At the age of 43, this man has been out of my life more than he has been in it. 216 more words


Do you ever wish you could just float away?
Forget everything and just disappear today?
Become distant from the world and everyone you know,
Escape from everybody, they don’t care if you go. 168 more words


Gone Girl

deleted all my Yahoo names: will be erased in 90 days. that’ll keep everyone I met in the last two years out of my life. 92 more words



He could see the far off look

in her eyes

as she slowly disappeared

inside herself.