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Living History

The stories of the past
are always near.
Hidden in plain sight
they become secrets
that never truly disappear…

Everyone gets caught
in the sweeping rush of the present… 36 more words

Creative Writing

Untertauchen leicht gemacht mit Frank M. Ahearn

Menschen, die abtauchen wollen, gehen zu dem New Yorker Frank M. Ahearn: Sein Beruf ist es, ihre Spuren zu verwischen. Für seine Kunden hat er hilfreiche Tipps. 949 more words

The continued prayers

I keep praying, because I know if anything God has to have my back. Something has to come out of having such a big heart, and giving more than I receive. 101 more words

Slips of Conjugal Happiness

As I was boarding the bus that my hotel uses to pick up its guests from the station, I looked behind for my wife to help her in. 508 more words

Humour - Satire - English


Waiting for your arrival,
The wanting stars suck in the darkness and expel their soul.

Our corporeal bodies burn in their glow,
Yet I sit and wait for light to bend in the wind. 209 more words


North Face Floors Disappears

Fancy yourself the outdoorsy type, eh? You’ve got all the slickest gear for the rugged lifestyle you live every day. Maybe you even have a gnarly beard and a Clif bar in your pocket. 123 more words


Question Mark

Your bend-
A curve in your spine;
Unending question mark.

Oh, your heart,
It beats not for me.
Will flutter and leave
Like a bird with tempered wings. 119 more words