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10 Unexplainable, Creepy Deaths That Will Shake You To Your Very Core

In this day and age, committing the perfect crime is becoming increasingly difficult. With the advent of advanced forensic sciences, and with news being constantly disseminated via television and Internet, very few crimes produce more questions than answers. 3,519 more words

Famous Disappearances In The Bermuda Triangle

A great article emailed to me today. Author is unknown.

Over the past centuries, many ships and air planes have disappeared or met with fatal accidents in the triangular area on Atlantic known as Bermuda Triangle. 1,277 more words

Justifiable Paranoia

Alien Encounter... What?!

I watched this movie on Netflix yesterday after work called Alien Encounter. This was after I had a horrible stomach ache from a greasy burger I had for lunch earlier. 313 more words

the old metal door
suddenly slammed down on us
trapping us inside


Random Disappearances

So there are a handful(I think) of blogs that I used to follow that just randomly disappeared from my “Blogs I Follow” list. I don’t know when this happened, why it happened, or how. 71 more words

She Disappeared


      I am currently working on a new book that I have tentatively titled, “She Disappeared.”  It is about the strange disappearances of people.  I have long been interested in this subject and just recently I had dinner with a dear where the question of what happened to these people came up.  737 more words