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Please see the article below. Vidulfo was one of the HR defenders that was part of the "No More Blood" speaking tour in Canada in 2012

Mexico Intelligence Agency Investigates Rights Defenders

From Telesur/Clayton Conn

Vidulfo Rosales (Center) | Photo: Clayton Conn/ teleSUR

Published 8 December 2014 (11 hours 51 minutes ago) 352 more words

The Disappeared In Mexico

Disappearances and Licensing

Yes, I’m still alive. Just randomly disappearing as usual. It’s hard to keep up guys; I just finished my third day at my new job in a salon/spa as an esthetician, and am waiting to hear back after an interview for a makeup artist position on a bridal team. 209 more words

Random Life Happenings

Corruption Still Perceived in Every Country Around the World, Guess Who's Doing the Worst

Not a single country got a 100% clean score in Transparency International’s 2014 report on perceived corruption around the world. The United Kingdom is lower down on the list than even the organization that compiled the list would have liked, while Scandinavia and New Zealand dominate the rankings. 480 more words

a ponderous hike
through the forest primeval
suddenly, a bear


a bar in New York
the night starts with revelry
and ends in cold blood


Mexico's Response to Sky-High Crime and Corruption - Get Rid of Local Police?

Mexico’s President has announced he is dissolving local police as part of a national security reform, after weeks of unrest, disappearances, mass grave discoveries and rising homicide rates have brought the country under intense scrutiny by the international community. 545 more words