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BookBub Talks the Talk

For anyone not familiar with BookBub, it’s a blog site focused on selling promotions of free or heavily discounted eBooks through the impressive volume of subscribers to it’s daily emails. 757 more words

Personal Reflections

Mood: Disappointed

It was discovered first by one of my mutual friends on my virtual facebook sharing the link, followed by a couple of other girls while I was at work. 107 more words

The Diary Entries

Survived the bang, going out with a whimper.

What am I supposed to think when one week he is fighting to keep me and the next week life throws us this huge curve ball that makes everything fizzle out. 150 more words


Mad at myself....

….for forgetting to update my fantasy baseball team for the week! I am 3-0 so far this season. I hope my oversight does not lead to my first loss of 2014. Only time can tell.

Not yet

I know! It’s April – my supposedly debut moment for SGSN but a lot had happened and I have to postpone it for a while… 102 more words

Didn't get another job...

That I interviewed for…it’s starting to not even surprise me anymore…but it is still frustrating, and I don’t understand why, especially when the interview went so well…UGH! 41 more words


I have a cold and this is my disorganized and unfiltered rough draft of a post.

Well I found one way to get out of a family birthday I wasn’t looking forward to: get sick.  My father and brother are going to an uncles birthday tomorrow.   361 more words