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That Feeling That We All Hate...

Here it is. That feeling that I absolutely detest with every fibre of my being. Feeling let down. Big time. Literally do not know why I trust a single person ever. 171 more words

I'm a Disappointed Customer

I’m avid Starbucks drinker. Mostly because we have one on my school’s campus, but also because I really believe the quality of their drink is much better than some chain competitors. 164 more words



woke up to find a not funny note in my inbox. from the library about overdue books…  not a happy start to the day… got upset. 160 more words

Totally R a n d o m


I know this will come off as a self-praise but…god my mother did a wonderful job. I’m way too decent for my own good. Way too kind and considerate. 36 more words


Mark Nix Fun Fact #631

I feel like such a failure. I never have any Grey Poupon. I’m sorry, America.

Day 112: Ever The Disappointment

Today has been disappointing to say the least. 

I finished work an hour late this morning, only leaving the building just after 8AM. It was about nine O’clock when I finally got to sleep, and my excitement for the pillow meant I forgot to set an alarm. 395 more words


there it goes.
My heart sinks
and my body sinks
and I sink.
to the ground.
of you.