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Yet another disappointment

Hey everyone, hope your week is off to a flying start!

In Sunday’s Week In Review post I mentioned I made my first purchase on Depop but nothing I seem to buy at the moment is going my way. 92 more words


Be A Lotus Unaffected By The Mud Of Life

 Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy, know that both suffering and joy are facts of life and continue to grow and blossom, just as the lotus does, no matter what.   38 more words


This woman is....

… busy. Life is full, and there is always someone wanting, needing, demanding something from me.

… disillusioned. The world is so awful right now. Terror, disease, poverty, corruption, violence. 213 more words


Getting Old

*i understand that in the grand scheme of things 27 is not actually that old, just humour me*

I have never started my birthday in a more depressed state than I did crying my eyes out at 1am this morning. 439 more words


Well that fell through


So in my last post, I wrote very excitedly about possibly going to Kenya. My parents had started saving money, i’d already looked at the travel restrictions on the plane and had made plans to fund raise…. 58 more words

what a day.

i just had one of the worst work days of my entire life. i fucked up, my co-workers fucked up, other people fucked up, and then i almost burnt my place of work down by leaving a boiling pot on the stove for 2 hrs. 114 more words