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Bad blogger

Oh my gosh! I feel terrible. I had soo much blog that I was going to post. But my screen on my laptop broke and I havent got it fixed yet and so much gone on and today i only thought wait why don’t i just do it on my tab. 122 more words


This Week

This week has been a weird week. I have done things that I didn’t know I could. I have impressed myself and disappointed myself. I love those weeks.


High Ambitions?

When it comes to ambitions in life, most of us feel the curse of the 21. century. One is apparently forced to reach his goals, to win in every aspect of his life, because the transparency and the comparison is taken to the limit. 349 more words

I Know Him

I know him,
I know he’s okay.

I know he’s justifying not coming after me to himself,
Making excuses..
He’s so much like his father, the aggression , the frustration, the way he’s so unreasonable, 695 more words


That's My Favorite, No Wait, That's My New Favorite

Is it just me, or have you also found that nice you find a favorite drink or such the store goes and changes it?  Or, horror of all horrors, they go one step worse the  227 more words

Silently Screaming

I’m surrounded by people,
Quite a lot of people craving my attention while my minds not here,
I’m far away,
My hearts broken and my minds wandering, … 351 more words


Do You Have Disappointed Valentine Syndrome?

Married, coupled or single, we invite disappointment into our lives the moment we award the key to our happiness to another person. Yet, every Valentine’s Day masses of people rely on others to make their day special. 577 more words

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