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"Damaged Goods and Damaged Bags"

Some of us are like damaged goods or a travel bag that has been torn. I would dare say that for many of us, the process of living in this world eventually takes its toll and year after year we suffer a series of cuts, bruises, and tears that make little and large rips not only to our exterior, but right down to the core of our souls. 685 more words


Day #271 - I am a disappointment...

… I am also kind.

I think I’m struggling to keep my head above the water but I can’t tell because I’m kicking so hard I have no idea what’s going on around me. 798 more words


Anything But

In nearly all instances, it’s better to focus on the positives.   So that is what will do here. However, it saddens me that a wine such a powerful… 468 more words


Night and Day

Today the weather is set to go from 9 degrees Celsius with gale force winds and rain to -2 degrees Celsius with blizzards and heavy snow.   389 more words


Why aren't we?

Why aren’t we with the person we truly love? Because it’s too hard? Because it’s easier to be with someone we love less? Less painful? Is it? 72 more words



They walk and talk- and it is getting so dark outside. The snow whirls around them in a vortex of ragged wind from the north-east as they trudge through the shin-high drifts and try to make their way. 548 more words

Pain, and Fear, and Hope, and Rest.

A few months after I started this blog last fall, I suddenly had a thought something like this: “Why should anybody listen to me?”

Okay, hold up, a few of you are thinking. 2,154 more words