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Dreams, disappointment and pour me a double

I’d like to spend the next two days drunk.

Not fall down puke your guts out pass out drunk. Comfortably even-keeled inebriated. Enough to dull the pain and soften the anguish and forget for a while. 785 more words

Muli (Again)

Most people will more likely to relate themselves to the lyrics of the song. It’s about a former couple who find their selves igniting the same heat they had when they were still together. 411 more words


Day 37 -- Triometrics

I really love this one! (I know, I say that a lot!) 

In 30 minutes, I burned 500 calories and look like I just stepped out of the shower. 169 more words

Dealing With Disappointment

Earlier this week most of New Zealand watched in awe and excited anticipation as the New Zealand Sevens Rugby Team took on South Africa in the Commonwealth Games final match. 802 more words


Infertility Myths Uncovered

Infertility Myths Uncovered

The Truth About Infertility

Infertility is that little word no woman wants to hear. It is the inability to conceive. Yikes, I’m already breaking out in sweats. 1,046 more words



I watched
Love unclasped
Like morning dew twilight
Or fireflies in dark, bright skies

The reality refolded as if
A daydream, dissipating
Her reigned wings reclasping
Over a sunburnt heart


3 days till AF: Am I pregnant?

Not sure if anyone is like me….. It feels like one thing is about to happen, and ends up another. How is it that menstrual side effects can mimics pregnancy symptoms: nausea, fatigue… Need I go on? 201 more words