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Another brief interlude... Arty, Mikhail, and Gilbert...

Here’s just another brief interlude of what’s been going on lately:

I’m finding that men in general have been checking me out everywhere I go (and I’m not imagining things). 1,138 more words

My Life As Of Now

Exes + Easter + Expectations

There is something dangerously alluring about nostalgia.

Two weeks ago I sat across from a man I used to love and listened as he told me he got married.   981 more words


The Biggest Disappointment of All

This whole week has been about getting let down and things not turning out as we had hoped. Disappointments and discouragement often go hand in hand. 360 more words


As close as hands and feet - Sophie

Last night we stayed in London, at the house of some family friends, because we were going to the theatre as a treat to celebrate my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. 730 more words


We are having a laugh
The beer is incidental
The music takes us closer to the illusion
And farther away from the truth
But it doesn’t matter then… 32 more words


Very. Disappointed. With. MYSELF!

I can now honestly say that my life is very full of regrets and disappointments and what ifs. I looked at my grades and thought: “Holy $*%@*! 88 more words

2013 Rants


This isn’t the appropriate time to vent this heavy feeling out. I chose to do this because my pessimistic side urges me to.

Worthless. … 649 more words