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My shame

My back curved against the cold metal of the fridge

I sit in the kitchen in the dark of night

weeping tears of shame and disappointment… 19 more words


Keep hanging

Just push a little further through the disappointments and you will see that you are going to smile again.  Down but not out, your time is coming again. 9 more words


Beyond control

I wish it didn’t happen. I wish it didn’t turn out to be this way. I wish it was all still well. Yes, I wish. 234 more words

Seven Symbols #3

3 Fast-Food

For my third symbol of seven I would choose a “Tupperware” box into which I would place a McDonald’s “Big Mac” Burger, alongside a piece of “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. 324 more words

Life Lesson

I Want to Be a Myth

I want to be a myth,
a great tale,
an epic battle
against good and evil
from which people draw lessons,
and take notes,
and on which they write papers. 112 more words


Disappointment is either a blessing or a curse

For some people in life, everything they touch turns to gold.

Do you know these people?  It seems like every business venture they pursue is profitable, every game they play they win, every opportunity tends to go to them.   369 more words


I don't want to write this post!

I’m sorry to disappoint myself and maybe you if you find this disappointing but, today, I am really exhausted I didn’t get to working on this blog until 10:15 pm. 81 more words