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Yoga And Addiction


I failed. There, I said it.

A few weeks ago I fired a load of ceramics that not only warped, but had glaze failures. I was, of course, disgusted. 437 more words


where dreams go to die

You sat there crooked smile and misty eyed.

Upper teeth etched into your bottom lip, puncturing your very flesh.

Blood droplets pelting the ground erupting into crimson spouts as they collide. 166 more words


Quit Laying the Bricks

No doubt there are terrible circumstances and people that  limit and “confine” us.

No doubt that our lives have not turned out the way we planned. 97 more words


Taking a tour of where I live ...

How great is a day off? And, more importantly, how bad does it feel when it feels like you wasted one? Welcome to my life. Yesterday I had a day off teaching because there was a regional holiday! 446 more words

DayBreaks for 4/24/14 - Pandora and Hope

DayBreaks for 4/24/14 – Pandora and Hope

Some days it is easier to have hope than others, isn’t it? 

Recently, the story of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has captured vast amounts of time on the airwaves, in print and in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.  650 more words

Christian Illustrations

Owner of a Broken Heart...

Don’t lie. I know those of you who are of a certain age immediately started humming under your breath when the title of this blog post kaboomed across your field of vision. 912 more words