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I thought until a few days ago, I was fed up with most of the people I have encountered. Till now I had managed to get a group of… 69 more words

Random Thoughts

At the Foot of the Cross

We read the Passion of Christ in church on Sunday — the account of Jesus’ trial before Pilate, his indictment by the chief priests and the crowd, his humiliation by the Roman soldiers, his walk to Golgotha, his crucifixion and death. 377 more words

Naomi's Bitterness

Once again, I am visiting the book of Ruth. I know this story well, having performed a one woman show for several years as the character of Ruth. 740 more words


...about disappearing

I just found this in my drafts from 2012 and am now posting it in April of 2014. Even though some details have changed regarding my personal projects, the overall message is still one that I would like to share. 586 more words

Memories, Mistakes and Miracles

Have you ever had a memory that changed as you aged? Have you ever made a mistake that later wasn’t? Do you believe in miracles? 213 more words


"God Bless"

I had an encounter at work that has (oddly enough due to the nature of it) taken me through a full range of emotions.

At lunch I was serving two gentlemen. 888 more words

The Cut Throat Truth!

Several things in life make me ashamed to be a woman: the way we viciously compete with one another, sometimes for work, often for men, and sometimes merely for attention. 301 more words