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Love Me, Please!

I’m stuck for the moment on reassembling “disassembled” faith. Last week I shared a verse that just jumped off the page at me as I read one evening. 1,221 more words


No Disassemble Please!

I continue to ponder how it is we successfully pass on a faith legacy. A few weeks ago I posted about the legacy of faith my mother left us. 1,528 more words


Disassemble the laptop

Disassembly laptop is risky, almost every brand will remind you that the failures are not due to disassemble the warranty. This is because the laptop compact structure is extremely thorough, the phenomenal amount of demolition, is likely to cause damage to the laptop does not work or parts. 257 more words


Macintosh Classic µATX Mod #5 | ...moving on.

Finally, I found the time to disassemble the whole thing. I asked my dad to help me discharge the CRT. It had no charge on it, though. 123 more words


RoboKing Disassembly

I needed to repair my RoboKing VR6272LVM. I couldn’t find any guides on how to take it apart, here is what I worked out.

Take a reasonably thick (not jewellers – too thin) flat head screwdriver and insert it from the inside through the 1cm gap in the body. 106 more words


Song 156...

Couldn’t shake the dreams… song 156 is roughly based on the theme of my dream from last night. 




I disassemble my life 
I take apart the only pieces that matter here  123 more words

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