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Forrester research claims that public clouds are viable for backups and disaster recovery

Enterprises located all over the world are still terrified to store their data on public clouds and this is mainly due to security concerns. But in a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research, it was revealed that these public… 473 more words

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Data Storage adoption with Snapshot feature is increasing

Backups can play an instrumental role in case of disaster recovery and also have the potential to make a company immune to data loss. The process of backing up information can be lengthy and this is where the use of… 416 more words


Declare Freedom From High Costs & Risks By Throwing Out Data Now

Do you have mountains of information stored on your server that you’ll never use, but feel like you should keep?

You are not alone. Given expanding regulatory rules, some businesses save every bit of data they have, just to be safe. 294 more words


Use StoneFly™ SCVM to create a virtual storage appliance

StoneFly™ Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine software allows its users to create a networked IP Storage along with a server virtual machine, all on the same hardware platform. 307 more words


Factors to be Considered to Find a DR Plan Suiting Your Business Needs

Disasters may come in any form and is highly unpredictable in nature, but can adversely affect your business’s future plan. The fear that the business data or the business itself might not be recovered after a disaster event results to the sleepless nights for CIOs across the globe. 397 more words

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Same Theme, Different Context--and a Reminder How Far Back I Really Go in Disaster Recovery

Funny, life sometimes takes us full circle, even without our realization–until something puts us in a “deja-vu” moment. Then we realize we’ve been there before, and though under different circumstances, we know there is a reason why we are in that place at that specific time. 525 more words

Is Cloud Computing A Good Fit For Your Company?

While there are a ton of benefits to cloud computing, it’s NOT right for every company. Some applications don’t play well in the cloud. You need commercial-grade Internet connectivity, and some functions, like working with big graphics files, are better kept local or the slowness will make you crazy. 186 more words