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Barbados mother says "I'll breed 'em. YOU feed 'em!"

Story #1,243 in a continuing Nation Cultural Series…

by BFP reader Passin thru

Jacqueline Blunt is 40 years old and has five children (by how many different men we’re not told). 408 more words


BFP reblogged this on Barbados Free Press and commented:

"Government is shortly to ask Parliament for a supplementary, around $100 000, to ease the distress of mothers who trek daily to the courts for child maintenance only to be disappointed because a special account was overdrawn.

The move comes against the backdrop of angry cries by frustrated women earlier this month that some had not received the child support for September, while others claimed they had not received any payments since July. Some called for a return to the cash payment system instead of the current cheque mechanism."

... October 30, 2014 Nation News Child Money

Barbados makes single motherhood a viable career choice and then we wonder why we have so many young women, girls really, popping 'em out like Marcia does grill fish, peas & rice, and beer at Oistins.

Half the time it's a guess to name the father... make that fathers. Plural.

This free ride, this "guvment look after everyting" is coming to an end, as it must.

The cupboard is bare, and as BFP's Shona said back in 2006...

"Government child maintenance payments empowers young uneducated women to perpetuate further generations of young unwed mothers and young men who lack the steady hand of a father.

The current trend towards making unwed motherhood a societally sponsored career choice marginalizes the role of fathers and men in general – and can do no long-term good."

Will it be yours?

People playing the game of rugby are often seen as real rough people. But that is not always the case. The atmosphere towards each other on the pitch is still real friendly and I really hope that this will be the case for many years on.  158 more words


HORROR: Look At What Snake Bite Has Done To A Girl's Legs

Omg, Instagram user juventudmedica uploaded this pictured of a 13 year-old girl who was bitten by a horrible snake.

The venom of snake bite caused severe necrosis causing the leg to shrivel and turn completely black after venom. 103 more words


Nigerian-British girl dies after failed Butt enlargement surgery in Thailand

A Nigerian-British young lady Joy Williams of age 24 year-old died in Bangkok after £2000 butt enlargement surgery failed. Her travel and intention was unknown to her family. 595 more words


Free Natural Disaster Films: 01: Absolute Zero

Free Natural Disaster Films: 01: Absolute Zero

Not having brought any DVDs with us to Japan, having only put a few on our external hard drive, and not being able to access services such as Netflix from outside of the U.S., I began searching for movies available free online. 1,496 more words



The Fire Below Us

This next week I am going to have a rare and amazing opportunity, in the face of tragedy. For those who don’t know, I live on a volcanic island. 333 more words