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Update: Iceland volcano Bardarbunga still potentially close to eruption

Following evacuations of the immediate area around the Bardarbunga volcano earlier this week, today there are multiple reports out of Iceland of continued seismic activity, as well as preparations amongst emergency workers for a possible eruption. 145 more words


8-22-2014 | Dream Fragments | Trying To Get A Job And Trying To Help A Woman And Her Baby

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of one dream that possibly had another disaster theme that was in the background, but the focus of the dream seemed to be on people/me trying to just live normally trying to get jobs/medical care/education/shelter/food/water/et cetera. 620 more words


Just a Tad Bit in my Brain, Good Luck y'all

At what point in time are we not putting a boot in someones ass?

RIP dearest James Foley.

Again, at what point are we not putting a boot in someones ass?   73 more words


49% disaster but 51% success

How you measure yourself to be successful? If 51% of success is enough for you to say that you succeed in something, then I succeeded in managing my money but something I must admit is that whatever software you install on your phone or all precautions you take to prevent from being loss in your budget, you will be lost in your budget for the first times. 107 more words

No Debt At Bay

Sympathy for China, Japan

By the reckoning of international media, according the report by Martin Fackler of The New York Times filed from Asahikawa, Japan dated August 20, 2014, no less than 36 lives were claimed by “Heavy rains in western Japan caused flash floods and landslides Wednesday that buried victims alive as they slept in their homes, the police said. 237 more words

Climate Change

Does God Really Care If I Move to Baldwin Park?

So, my husband and I are happily enjoying our vacation in 70 degree Chicago for the past 2 weeks when I receive a late night phone call from a neighbor.   429 more words


The Importance Of A Home Inventory

Life moves at an incredibly fast pace. Most of us do all that we can to keep up with daily demands. Work, kids, home, bills all take a part of our attention and divide our time into many quadrants that do two things. 606 more words