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Harlequin's H Hotel: Latest photos of an eyesore that spoils Barbados

by St George’s Dragon

As promised I went to take a few photos of the Harlequin H Hotel today.

The site has obviously suffered less than Merricks, presumably because it is in a more populated area. 142 more words


Busting a Mission to Budapest

Holidays have connotations of easy-going fun and relaxation. However, often times vacations end up having some sort of mishap or full on disaster. I pretty much had a full on disaster trying to catch my flight to Budapest. 191 more words


No. 003: speed dating for the un-indoctrinated

So I’m still pretty new to this purposeful dating thing. And I’m definitely still new to some of my sources for said dates. To assist with this matter my roommate set me up with a POF account and has taken on a managerial role. 805 more words

Man Urinating On Transformer cable gets ELECTROCUTED!!!!

Who is to be blamed for the sad event?

The allegedly Okada rider man with ill-manners that urinates on transformer wire or PHCN or the Lagos State Govenment that has been allegedly called severally to repair the naked tranformer wire before it injures and claim someone’s life. 27 more words


USAMRIID Finally Involved For Ebola In U.S.

October 5:

We will stop #Ebola outbreak in its tracks in the US.

— Dr. Tom Frieden (@DrFriedenCDC) October 5, 2014

October 15:

The American Constitution forbids our troops being active domestically.

145 more words

Public Schools Re-Opens After 7 month Close Up Due To Boko-Haram Insurgents

As a result of attack  on schools in yobe  by the vicious Boko Haram insurgents, public schools were forced to close up, But since situation is favoring the Nigerian army in the war against the terrorist, The Chairman, Committee on the Resuscitation of Primary School Education, Mohammed Dongel, now says schools would reopen in the first or the second week of the month. 75 more words


Emergency Drill Actor

I’m posting this now, because I won’t be home before midnight to post in time for my “week’s” adventure.  I am about to be an actor in an full-scale emergency exercise.  216 more words