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Big Things and Little Things

For when things seem too big, help us to remember the importance of little things we pray


Eastbourne Pier Catches Fire

 It’s Keelan D. with a news review.

Disaster this evening as the beautiful Eastbourne Pier caught fire. This is one of the many piers in Sussex that have burn down. 181 more words


A Bukit Beruntung Bank Bombed By Robbers

Robbers tried to blast open an ATM machine using homemade bombs in Bukit Beruntung.

The bomb caused the ceiling at the bank’s service area to collapsed, breaking glass windows and damaged the bank’s several other machine. 66 more words


Weathering the storm

The country’s already on the letter I (Inday) of another alphabet-long annual storm parade.  This is our lot.  Our very own cycle of life.   13 more words

Culture And Meaning

O Distressing Times!~July 1864~the 30th & 31st

O Distressing Times Here Now! ~ Anna Mellinger

Confederate soldiers destroy much of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. A costly disaster takes place at Petersburg as Federal troops fail to exploit a breech in the Confederate defenses. 1,830 more words

Daily History

Bitter Film Review of Gravity Starring Sandra Bullock

There are bad movies that are so bad that they are still good.  Then there are good movies that are so good they are really bad.  1,270 more words