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A year after Rana Plaza.

Then came Rana Plaza. When the eight-story building collapsed on April 24, 2013, the scale of suffering — more than 1,134 killed, 2,515 injured — seemed too great for even the most apathetic companies and governments to ignore. 192 more words

DIY Disasters: Bring Your Car to a Body Shop in Hermosa Beach Instead

“Perhaps the only thing standing between an excellently-spruced up vehicle and a sorry-looking DIY-repaired car is the cost involved. The right insurance coverage, however, should be able to eliminate this concern. 91 more words

First Home then Far

How far can we go in search of an unknown worlds?, as some theorize that the Universe is infinite. We build worlds expensive gear to walk on the moon, expensive motors or engines to escape from the force of the gravity and recently some came up with an idea of inventing a vehicle which can accelerate up to the speed of light (seeing future), was this all the scope of development that we really see or everything which we know are still dedicated to books? 379 more words


These Are Our Children

The XANAX Approach to Parenting Confessions of a Scary Mommy: An Honest and Irreverent Look at Motherhood by Jill Smokler

Scribbled portraits with a Picasso edge blanket the hallway walls… 259 more words


12 Memorable Parenting Disaster Moments

12 Memorable Parenting Disaster Moments

I probably haven’t told anyone about all of these yet they deserve to be remembered and ‘treasured’ in a ‘whoa, that was a steep learning curve’ kind of way. 321 more words

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Facebook's new "Nearby Friends" feature could be a tool for disasters

During Tuesday’s class we discussed different technology tools that can be used to respond to disasters. Today, I read an article on CNN.com about Facebook launching a new feature called “Nearby Friends” 242 more words

Technology Tools

Remembering Good Friday, 1788: Worst Disaster in New Orleans' Colonial History

Spanish laws prohibited the ringing of the church bells on Good Friday. A conflagration started when a breeze brushed a curtain across candle flames in the Treasurer’s private chapel. 281 more words