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Trouble Makers

Trouble kids. What is your definition of trouble makers?

When I was 16, we had a new pastor come to our church. When I first met him I was sitting on the counter, legs swinging, in the church’s kitchen. 664 more words


Pentecost 138

Pentecost 138
My Psalms 138

A Trinity of Believing

In a post two days ago, the art of the compliment was discussed. Giving a compliment to someone is one way of saying “I see you”. 1,196 more words


Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

DISCERNMENT, n. The act of discerning; also, the power or faculty of the mind, by which it distinguishes one thing from another, as truth from falsehood, virtue from vice; acuteness of judgment; power of perceiving differences of things or ideas, and their relations and tendencies. 1,425 more words



It was mentioned the other night that I’m a ‘tough love, tell it like it is, honest sister’. Which, first off-wasn’t the first time I’d heard that, and second-I don’t deny. 679 more words


October 17, 2014 -- discern

We are called to move with what the Spirit is doing next.
We intend to keep all the great things God has given through the church of the past and be totally at home in our own time, ready and able to relate to the people of our day. 516 more words

We Are Called To Move With What The Spirit Is Doing Next.

Whose dream are you chasing?

Seeking His Will

Lately, I’ve had a lot of conversations with friends about life plans. I’m in college, so it’s an important topic. These are the last of our ‘preparation years.’ After college, I’ll be released out into the real world to live out God’s calling for me. 939 more words

Beginning a conversation

Never before in history has parenthood been able to be such a choice. Throughout history one could choose marriage with children or celibacy without. The only ones who differed from this norm were those who had fertility issues. 1,269 more words