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Whose voice do you recognise?

The number sending feature on my smart phone is very useful. It prevents me from embarrassing myself when I don’t recognise the caller’s voice immediately. It also comes in really handy for screening calls when things are busy, allowing me to answer the important calls and avoid taking calls that will keep me busy with unimportant things. 347 more words

Spiritual Power

Acting in accordance with the teachings of the Savior invites spiritual power into our lives—power to hear and heed, power to discern, and power to persevere. 25 more words


Not Real

If I by some chance,


or by some chance discern,

that my origins came from dust.

Yet longing for some,

distant turn.

To be sweep up in… 20 more words

Thought Provoking Insight

between the scents

torn between the scents of yesterday and today wondering how an impossibility can in fact be possible in fact am I responsible for my inability to discern which scent is preferable to my… uncertainty lies in my desire for the reciprocal dedication to infallible ardour does my heart lie? 97 more words


Growing Closer

There are times when we know we have been graced by God’s presence or when we can sense that the Spirit’s presence has been with us.   200 more words

My failure to discern SMH... Daddy, draw me nearer

I hate the fact that I haven’t fully gotten to the place where I can totally ween out the devil being able to trick me… I wanna know that I know that I shonuff KNOW that the voices, unctions and leadings I receive daily are ALL my Daddy… If not, I run the risk of acting out inappropriately and making decisions based on my flesh and/or human desires. 307 more words


Should I?

They say I should be,
I say I want.
They say I can’t.
Should I roll,
Or should I hide?
I wear smiles
When I should cry. 63 more words