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The Friends of Your Season

Hey y’all.

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to friends? Do you have friends you want to keep your life, but KNOW they are keeping you from God’s plans He has in store? 864 more words

How the Holy Spirit Speaks: Part 3

By Becky Gutknecht

I used to be so confused about what I thought God was telling me, because I thought that there were a lot of different (dark) forces trying to influence me to think a certain way, besides myself and God. 1,784 more words

Anti-muslim protest: Hundreds rally at proposed Sunshine Coast mosque - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“This is nothing to do with race,” he said.

“What Muslim preaches violates the laws of my country. It is an ideological, political organisation wrapped up in a very thin skin of religion. 84 more words

Philosophy & Religion

Ignatius Spiritual Disciplines of Discernment

Most of us have to make choices from knowing what to do in the future, which spouse to marry, what job to take, etc. We live in a place where the dish of choices are laid before us. 528 more words

Holiness Writers

"How can this be?"

“How can this be?” That was Mary’s question after the angel laid God’s plan out for her. As God nudges us or lays out plans before us to follow we might put it this way: “You want me to do what?” Okay I have to admit, I am not as eloquent as Mary. 492 more words

Seeking God

Sober Minds Needed

No, this isn’t a blog about alcohol but it is about sobriety of thought and emotions. How we need clear heads if we are to tackle the racial issues facing our country. 887 more words


Discernment Ministries

When I was a boy, I occasionally wrestled my brother Darrell, who was five years younger. I wasn’t large or strong by any means. But for awhile, five years made a difference. 632 more words