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Modern Day Prophecy

(This is a reprint of a post I put up on my Facebook Page a year ago in June. It references both the Warning and Garabandal – two things I believe to be authentic, but which I sometimes think people have imposed their own interpretation on as the only possible interpretation). 1,511 more words


The interesting thing about this image is it does not cover the entire feet.

Just a thought!

THE  ”Day 205 – Messenger Feet” (TEXT) BY  97 more words

Emotional maturity progression.

This all explains a lot to me, and I see how it ties in with the stages of faith too.

It further validates how I have continually felt like I am surrounded my immaturity. 57 more words

A Purpose Driven Problem

It’s been some time since I brought up Rick Warren and the unbiblical nature of his “Purpose Driven” philosophy. But it certainly is unbiblical, and a recent… 249 more words


Being prepared

My son sent me a link to a website a while ago and I have since subscribed to it due to its simple wisdom. There is a link below to the Zen Habits site and topic of… 98 more words


Word of the Week: Peace

Real peace is more than the absence of conflict. It is a state of harmony. It is feedom from fear.

In martial arts, we develop a sense of peace as we develop the ability to defend both ourselves and others. 134 more words

Shield Blog


“One step forward…two steps back.”

Adages are common in every language. Kernels of truth and common sense wrapped in short, sweet bites that hopefully make it easier to swallow than the longer, more complicated, and/or/sometimes/maybe/painful explanations. 442 more words