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End Strong!

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of the year, isn’t it? We’re already nearly midway through the last month of 2014. Before you know it, 2014 will be a thing of the past and we’ll be at the beginning of a new journey called 2015.  377 more words


It's a SMALL World

My family loves to go to Disney world for vacation. I’ve been going there since I was a small child. While the Disney corporation is constantly trying to be on the cutting edge of technology and products, there is something about their Orlando-based park that is a staple to say the least. 454 more words



No one likes to wait. We’ve established businesses and systems to prevent us from having to wait in long lines. Amusement parks fill your wait time with  414 more words


Mission Monday - Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. It’s a great holiday and a wonderful chance to get together with family to give thanks for life’s many blessings. One tradition we have when my wife’s family gets together is to answer the question,  294 more words


Wake Up!

Have you ever been caught sleeping when you were supposed to awake? Maybe it was at work and you were just exhausted, so you took a little nap only to be caught by the boss. 605 more words


Mission Monday

Admittedly I grew up in the era of Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood. These shows were built around the premise of community and neighbors. Every episode of Mr. 314 more words


Friday Fathers

Starting this week, you’ll find some fatherly advice each Friday. Not fatherly in the sense that I’m acting as your dad, but some simple thoughts from a dad who’s learning as he’s living it. 337 more words