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Don't Close Your Heart

The biggest surprise for me in church planting, by far, has been this:

Hell-storming Expectations

I thought that our little church would be storming the gates of hell like boy David against Big Bad Goliath. 451 more words



How comfortable are you being weird?

I know, that’s a strange question, but if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, that’s exactly what you’re called to be… weird, peculiar, strange… different from the rest of the world of folks who don’t follow Christ. 274 more words

Discipleship, Part 1

A friend from seminary contacted me the other day; someone who I have not spoken to in a long time.  I guess you could say that we still have not spoken to each other since our conversation was by text message (oh the wonders of technology and the 21st century!).   690 more words


Mission Serve

This past week, I had the opportunity to serve as the speaker at Mission Serve’s Denver, CO project.  The theme of the week was Viral: the Good News of Jesus Christ can go viral when His people are the church and are making disciples.   177 more words

Eric Sanford

Christian Ed.

“Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.”  (Proverbs 22:6, NRSV)

The first thing I want to do this week is say, … 759 more words


#John 12


John 12


Now everything is coming to a head. Is Jesus Who He said He is? Will He be properly received. 316 more words

Bible Study

John 10:31-33 (Blasphemy)

from The River Walk by BJ Richardson

Once again the people picked up stones to kill him. Jesus said, “At my Father’s direction I have done many good works.

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