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Adventures in Money Saving Pt. 2

I had a bad couple of weeks. I was doing sooo good; I was taking my lunch, sacrificing some things and then… I had some extra income and BAM…I was right back into my old ways.   198 more words


Freaky Friday (Continued)

I didn’t have time to think too much about what had happened because the phone soon started ringing and Sylvia released me from the corner. It wasn’t very easy at all to conduct a normal business conversation knowing what had just happened, I can tell you. 1,524 more words



If you’ve lived long enough to remember the 20th century, you know how much times have changed. Among the values that seem to have been all but abandoned is commitment. 317 more words


Message For the Day..." Who is a True Devotee ... " ?

A devotee without the faculty of observation and discrimination fails to ascertain what is real and unreal. They cause pain to others, though they have no intention of troubling others, as they lack the capability of understanding. 120 more words


Love Vs. Fear

Daily YOU Time Love Matters Good Morning Ce,

There are really only two emotional states: love and fear. Love signals safety.  Fear signals danger.

How you speak sends a signal to your child’s brain.   46 more words

Parenting Attachment Challenged Children

Rhonda-Marie Avery Update

I need to update you on Rhonda-Marie Avery, the legally blind runner who is attempting to run the length of the 889 km Bruce Trail. I recently wrote about her in another… 331 more words

this helped my children stop complaining.

It’s the sigh I hate most.

I don’t know why it always grabs me the wrong way, making my tongue want to leap out of my mouth like a snake– 420 more words