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MOOOMMM, He's touching me!!!

I haven’t blogged for awhile because it’s been a super busy Summer!  Hunter went up to see his cousins in Minnesota for a week and then they went to Bible camp for a week after that.   755 more words

Shake it, Don't Break it....

Years ago, a famous line was uttered, “Shake it, Don’t Break it…”, instructing the listeners to party hard on the dance floor.  In this, is an important truth that we want to address in this blog, that is control. 535 more words

No Time To Function, Plenty of Time to Eat

Hello Fitness lovers, Clean Eaters, Running Fanatics it’s been awhile.

Excuse the hiatus, but I kind of had this summer school, work, internship thing going on. 400 more words


7 Ways To Easily Increase Your Willpower By Not Using Your Willpower

In general, people have an overly positive vision of themselves and their abilities.

But what’s the one thing surveys show most everyone will admit they have a problem with? 1,374 more words

Personal Development


The littlest of the three chee-hooa-hooas, Lola, is now six months old, and has grown from under two pounds four months ago, to a powerhouse of almost SIX pounds!  424 more words


One Thing I Learned Watching the Crossfit Games

Over the course of the last few evenings the Crossfit Games have been closely watched at our house. Husband has been doing Crossfit for over a year now and it has been a huge plus in his life. 359 more words