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Super Smooth & Shiny Jonden Disco Pants

No new instances of seeing disco pants on TV lately but I do have some other news.

Recently I came into a pair of vintage Jonden disco pants in red. 331 more words

AA Disco Pants Really Great After All

So last evening I was wearing the AA disco pants for a bit. As tiny-looking and skintight as they appear, they sure are a super comfortable pair of pants. 474 more words

Disco Pants on "The Big Bang Theory" TV Show

Lately I have been on another frantic internet search for disco pants. Not necessarily to buy any but more along the lines of finding photos, tv programs and movies where they may have been worn. 358 more words

Dreaming of Disco Pants

It’s Christmas Eve! Anyone out there expecting to receive disco pants as a Christmas gift? Well, I’m not but I am open to surprises. The problem is that most people who know me would not know where to get disco pants or what size to get. 435 more words

The Ropers & Three's Company

“The Ropers” television show was a spinoff from “Three’s Company” tv show back in the late 70’s. While “Three’s Company” was hilarious and a major success, “The Ropers” was not so much and lasted only 22 episodes, less than 2 full seasons. 379 more words

Childhood Story

A funny story from my younger years…..

When I was a young kid I was pretty obsessed with disco pants whenever I saw them on tv. 357 more words

Shiny Disco Pants

New arrivals to Beau Boutique this week are these fab new shiny disco pants. In classic black, navy or silver and only £18. In the style of Michelle Keegan and Jessie J.