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10 Reasons to Stop Caring and Embrace Spandex

Came across this great blog post by Mercer Smith-Looper: 10 Reasons to Stop Caring and Embrace Spandex.

She is a young woman who talks about how great spandex is–and not just for women & girls either–and how we should just overcome our insecurities and wear it. 1,038 more words

#OOTD - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Good afternoon, lovely people. Just thought I’d give you a little peak at my outfit of the day if you haven’t seen it on Instagram. I’m at work today so I wanted something simple but stylish. 139 more words


Black, grey and white


So I’m not at work today (yay) I was yesterday though, and I felt positively, awful, full blown summer cold 😞, I’m not *quite* as bad today but still feeling a little shabby, so out come the comfort clothes (patten emerging anyone?). 35 more words