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The Ropers & Three's Company

“The Ropers” television show was a spinoff from “Three’s Company” tv show back in the late 70’s. While “Three’s Company” was hilarious and a major success, “The Ropers” was not so much and lasted only 22 episodes, less than 2 full seasons. 379 more words

Childhood Story

A funny story from my younger years…..

When I was a young kid I was pretty obsessed with disco pants whenever I saw them on tv. 357 more words

Shiny Disco Pants

New arrivals to Beau Boutique this week are these fab new shiny disco pants. In classic black, navy or silver and only £18. In the style of Michelle Keegan and Jessie J.


Raiding My Own Closet

Hey, everyone! I’m finally back in my hometown (which just so happens to be the greatest city in the world ;) ) and I decided to make an outfit out of some of the clothes I didn’t take to school with me this year.   50 more words


Disco Pants on 'The Rockford Files'

Today on television I was watching an episode of “The Rockford Files” when all of a sudden  a young blonde woman appeared wearing black spandex disco pants! 611 more words

My Online Disco Leggings Order

Hello everyone! Guess what? Once again I have managed to spend a little money online to buy something that I desperately want and ‘need’ and would be put to good use and be ‘worth the money’ blah blah…. 203 more words


Look : All Hollows Eve 2014

Yesterday was my favorite holiday ever – Halloween! I wasn’t sure what I was doing that night. I was supposed to have a Halloween party with my grandma and definitely knew I didn’t want to do that without her. 119 more words